HAHAHAwait, that’s not funny.

I don’t have cable television myself. I don’t torrent or Hulu, either: I just wait a few years and buy the DVD collection, which I then forget to watch. Then my wife asks me why I keep the DVD cases; I tell her it’s because the package is part of an aesthetic whole of the movie experience. Then I put the DVDs into a special book, throw the DVD cases into a garbage bag for ‘storage,’ toss the bag in the basement, and promptly forget about them. Which means that my wife has probably thrown those cases out by now, as she keeps a mental list of every bit of useless crap that I have; when something hits the two-year mark without me touching it once she waits for the right psychological moment to ask if she can throw it out*.

It’s a married thing.  Hard to explain, if you’re not living the life.

Moe Lane

*There is also a list of things that she doesn’t dare even try that.

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