Tweet of the Day, I Am REALLY Looking Forward To WHEEL SAINT edition.

This has so much promise.

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Tweet of the Day, This Is What My ‘Jam’ Looks Like edition.

Give me twenty minutes, and I could have this Ofanite* of War statted up, and ready to go. He already half-exists in my head, and only requires a hard look at my copy of Davidson to come up with a name.

*I know, I know: supposed to be a Saint, and you’d think that Wind would be a better call. But this sort of thing is what the Wheels of Michael are for.


I worry that I am too old to really ‘get’ NFTs.

I mean, it doesn’t feel that way, but… it wouldn’t, would it? That is exactly how somebody who doesn’t get something would feel. And isn’t that a fun recursive rabbit hole to fall into.

Ach, well. At least I’m in good company:

Tweet of the Day, My Personal Favorite Penny Arcade Strip’s Anniversary! edition.

I dunno if it’s their best, but I love this Penny Arcade strip above all others. The aesthetic here sings to me.

Penny Arcade e-racing tonight!

I missed last week, but I’m looking forward to it tonight. I’ve kind of gotten into watching e-racing, mostly because the stream’s funny. No sponsorship this season, though. I think they did it, and it was fun, and now they’re not real interested in doing it for a while. Which is cool. At least I actually got to do it.

Racing starts at 11 PM Eastern. Link here.

Penny Arcade e-race tonight! (Sans sponsorship, alas.)

The sponsorship had contracted for four cars, four weeks, and that ended last week. Tonight’s is more or less the last race of the season; next week there’s a silly car race, and they start the new one two weeks from now. I’ll know then if I’ll be doing a sponsorship under the new rates. In the mean time… I’ve kind of gotten into watching the races. They’re fun. Some good folks doing ’em, too. 11:30 PM Eastern, tonight.