#rsrh QotD, Read. The. Whole. Thing. Edition.

Frank J, of course:

…the Democrats will counter that the Republicans also suck. And while this is true, it’s not really going to help them. As I pointed out before, both a dog incessantly barking and a zombie apocalypse are things that everyone would agree suck. Yet no one during a zombie apocalypse, while hiding out in a boarded up mall, would turn to the other survivors and say, “We don’t want to kill all the zombies; then we’d have to go back to being woken up at night by that annoying dog next door.” But this is the best argument the Democrats can come up with. “Remember how awful the Republicans and Bush were? You hated them. You don’t want to go back to that.” Yes, why would people want to go back to when 6% unemployment was considered high?

Via Instapundit.

Moe Lane

PS: The fact that Frank J does not have a column in a major newspaper somewhere is the most searing indictment of the mainstream media that I can think of.  This entire piece encapsulates the 2010 political scene brilliantly, succinctly, and – above all else – entertainingly.  That last bit is important: the New Media types that do get imported into Old Media venues these days are often… not.

6 thoughts on “#rsrh QotD, Read. The. Whole. Thing. Edition.”

  1. “…the New Media types that do get imported into Old Media venues these days are often… not.”

    So bitter, so disillusioned. Those long, lonely nights. Solitary walks in the park, dreaming of Katie Couric and Christiane Amanpour laughing gaily at your side. Its what might have been…No, dang it! What should have been!

    Kidding aside, I seldom read MSM commentators anymore. The blogs often have better insight.

  2. BTW, just finished Frank J’s article. Brilliant, a great read. Thanks for pointing us to it. What do you get on commission for those links, by the way? I know there must be crazy blog money floating around. Champagne, wild parties, blog groupies. That’s why you’re doing this, right?

  3. This is great:

    Or, to use Obama’s favorite analogy, you have a car stuck in ditch, so you call the mechanic, but the only tool he brings with him is a sledgehammer. And then he smashes your car to pieces and charges you $100,000 for his service. Finally, he calls you racist for complaining. Obama and the Democrats have been so awful, it’s hard for the human brain to even comprehend.

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