#rsrh Julian Assange slowly realizing his future status.

Which is to say, “screwed.”

Yes, I can tell that you’re all just as depressed as I am that the guy who gave the names of 1,800 Afghani patriots to a bunch of women-hating, gay-hating, Jew-hating, and American-hating violent terrorist scumbags is discovering that there’s a line between ‘romantic bad-boy sticking it to the Man’ and ‘to be among the enemies-general of humankind, to be dealt with as wolves are.’ And that he’s on the wrong side of it.Β  Yup, you’re all ready to weep at the unfairness of it all.

Not that I want the guy dead, or anything. Life in jail will do.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane


  • Skip says:

    My preference would be to drop him in rural Afghanistan, and let him choose between staying with his natural allies in the Taliban and the villagers, some of whom he put at risk.

  • Wer says:

    I don’t want Assange dead either. I want him to live a long life, in the position to see everything he’s tried to create crumble into nothing. I want he to live knowing that he LOST.

  • Skip says:

    The problem with that, Wer, is that Liberals, in general, don’t seem to let facts get in the way of their beliefs. In fact, they created the whole philosophical framework of post-modernism to avoid having to deal with the pesky facts that get in the way of their beliefs, and this is the dominant philosophy taught to the “educated” today. So everything crumbling into nothing would have zero effect on people like Assange both thinking they were correct, and thinking they were winning.

    It’s going to be interesting watching the post-election fracas after November 2. I predict that a large portion of the left (and unfortunately, a too-large fraction of the “educated” right) will be unable to come to grips with why it happened.

  • β€˜to be among the enemies-general of humankind, to be dealt with as wolves are.’

    It’s gratifying to see someone remembers the Spartans.

    On my Blog, having posted one of the Wikileaks stories, I immediately had multiple hits from Wikileaks itself. I wonder if it was Assange himself? I commented that he was now toxic, and if he was wondering why he was denied asylum in Sweden and is being harassed and smeared, well, what did he think would happen?

    I sometimes wonder if what will ultimately end the human species will be some well-meaning but intensely flawed fool, just like Assange.

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