I feel like I’ve been running up the stairs…

…for, well, four years – and now I can see the top of ’em, or at least a landing.

It’s bizarre.

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  • Jim B says:

    It’s just a landing. But take a well-deserved rest on Wednesday (apart from equally well-deserved gloating over the electoral results from Tuesday). The battle begins anew for the 2012 elections on Thursday.

    Remember: it’s not just going to be Obama on the ticket in 2012. Democrats also have to defend more Senate seats than Republicans do, and many of those seats are in deeply red states. And there are going to be a whole lot of new seats in the House that will need to be defended.

    And if you thought the Democrats were nasty and underhanded this time around, you ain’t seen nothing yet. They will sink to depths we haven’t even yet imagined because they know that failure in 2012 could result in a catastrophic (for them) reversal of every advance they have made for the last 20 years.

    Take a few moments to burnish your armor and sharpen your blade because on Thursday it will be back into the breeches, my friend. And next time, we won’t be facing a complacent and besotted foe.

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