What to do with one day to go.

So.  The election’s tomorrow.  You’re going to vote, if you haven’t already; and you’ve helped out in your local state/district/county.  But you’ve maybe got a spare $20 or a couple of hours… and, honestly, nobody in your regular slate of candidates needs it.  Yes, of course, every little bit helps – but, honestly, they’re all fine.  Really.  You’d think that you can maybe splurge a little and give somebody a political treat.

OK, here’s what you do then.  A while back, the NRCC put up a map of every Republican running for Congress, broken down by first state, and then Congressional district.  It has been an amazingly useful resource for me, by the way: to give just one example, having it handy allowed me to quickly track down challengers in suddenly-competitive districts (and there have been a lot of those this cycle).  The NRCC absolutely needs to keep this feature in future election cycles, by the way… but I digress.  Anyway, click on the map more or less at random, look for a blue-colored district in whatever state that you end up in, and click through to the challenger’s website*.  If you like what you see, dispense largess as you see fit. Trust me, they’ll be glad to get the money and/or time.

And you never know.  We’re going to have a lot of close elections.  Maybe it’ll be your help that makes the difference.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*With 430 out of 435 races featuring a Republican in the contest, you have a 98.85% chance of getting a hit.

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  1. I appreciate all the informative posts. My wife’s uncle, John Boozman, looks poised to win and help turn Arkansas in the “red” direction. Do you know of a site that lists all national races in a text format without having to click on a map for every race? Thanks!

  2. Also, make sure and check things on Wednesday – there are probably going to be a ton of races that we won, but not outside of the margin of fraud, so I expect that there will be a few people who are going to need some legal challenges funded.

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