#rsrh QotD, They won’t listen anyway edition.

Republican campaign manager Matt Mackowiak, on the nature of the 2010 elections:

Despite the protestations of Democrats, this election was not a mandate for bipartisanship. (Isn’t it funny how the losers always want bipartisanship?) The electorate chose divided government not to increase cooperation between the parties, but to increase gridlock. It’s not “What is the government doing for me?”; it’s “What is the government doing to me?”

Unfortunately for the Democrats, their leadership hasn’t caught up with 2010 yet.  Heck, judging from the average age of the Democratic leadership, they haven’t really caught up with 1994, either.  Which is something I like to see in my political opponents.

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  • Rob Crawford says:

    I don’t think they’ve caught up to 1984 (the year), either.

    Seriously — they’re running airport security like it’s a 1930’s assembly line. Unchangeable policies, no thought or input from the line, everything coming through is an interchangeable part, and — hey! — time to unionize the work force!

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