#rsrh 3 things about the ‘Eff the President’ slur.

In case you weren’t informed, a nameless Democrat muttered that imprecation last Thursday at a caucus meeting, in response to the President’s admonition to said Democrats that it rubs the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose fall into line on the tax compromise deal.  Three things lunge out about the Democrats from that episode:

  1. Racists*.
  2. Shelley Berkley should be grateful for the D after her name; it’s protecting her from having to name the racist* in 1.
  3. I understand that the Members of Congress were chanting ‘Just Say No!’ throughout their extended tantrum.  And people thought that nobody was paying attention to Nancy Reagan…

Moe Lane

*They created the rhetorical rules; I’m just making sure that both sides get equally discommoded by them.  Don’t like it?  Change the rules back to something more sensible.

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