No actual Presidential ‘evolution’ on SSM?

Both Andrew Malcolm and Allahpundit are looking somewhat… askance… at President Obama’s apparent “evolution” on same-sex marriage (SSM).  I put “evolution” in scare quotes because there’s no real evidence that he’s actually changed his official opinion on the subject in any way that matters: which should have been apparent from the fact that precisely zero action towards legalizing SSM has been proposed by the President.  Congress did pass a DADT repeal*, but there’s been no push for SSM.

And there’s a reason for that:

Bluntly?  While the population in general has shifted to disapproving of SSM only within single digits, African-Americans remain opposed to the policy by a two-to-one margin.  The President simply does not dare offend that particular demographic.  If that means lying – which the President is doing – so be it.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Last year I incorrectly predicted that there would be no movement on a DADT repeal before 2012.  Obviously, this was wrong – and equally obviously, I wish that I had seen this statistic at the time:

In fact, that might even explain some of the, ah, “unseemly haste:” if support for openly serving gays in the military is plummeting among African-American voters (while still being a net positive), the President may have panicked a little…

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  1. Um no… the reason “evolution” belongs in scare quotes is that

    1. He supported gay marriage in the 90s…
    2. He opposed Prop 8 when California already had domestic partnerships

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