Dismayed Pareene?

Not to be unkind – OK, that’s a big, fat, juicy lie; it’s all about being unkind – but if MSNBC is interested in finding out why Decision Points is a bestseller, possibly they should solicited the opinion somebody who’s actually written a book? – Because I went over to Amazon, actually; and while I was able to find the author page for George W. Bush readily enough, this is what comes up when you punch in “Alex Pareene.”  Which I suspect is diagnostic, in its way*.  Although I suppose that I shouldn’t take this entire exercise in futility on MSNBC’s too seriously: even Pareene looked like he was phoning in the snark (and I’m being generous in scoring it as ‘snark’).  Ach well: as (I think) Stephen King said that (I think) Bob Dylan said, when they give you forks and knives, you have to cut something.

Via Hot Air Headlines; see Newsbusters for more scorn towards Pareene and MSNBC.

Moe Lane

*Although I will agree with this Pareene person that the Kindle does make it easier to buy books.  I’m actually reading Decision Points on the Kindle right now; but I was planning to buy it anyway.  It’s a pretty good read, not to mention a good tool for refreshing my memory about the events of the last decade.  We did go through a lot back then, just didn’t we?

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