#rsrh Breaking: Jane Harman resigning from Congress.

Came out of nowhere, that did: she more or less abruptly quit to go run a think tank.  It’s so sudden, in fact, that here’s hoping that maybe Darrell Issa takes reports of using foreign lobbyists to get plum committee assignments a bit more seriously than Zoe Lofgren ever did…

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  • Phineas says:

    Well, I’m in her district and I didn’t get the memo! Hmph. The nerve of some congresscritters.

    This district is so heavily gerrymandered to be safe for Democrats, about the only change we can expect is for the seat to move further to the left, especially if Harman’s regular primary opponent, Marcy Winograd (D-Code Pink) runs. I suppose Mattie Fein could try again for the Republicans, but her campaign was almost invisible last time, at least from my Westside perspective.

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