“Me Crush Middle-Class Tax Hike!”

I thought so at the time, and I still think so now: the Onion might have thought that they were having fun with this:

Raaaah! Gronk hate H.R. 3712, the Income And Property Tax Reassessment Act! Senator Gronk crush middle-class tax hike!

Me hate 3712! Bill punish hardworking Americans trying to earn fair wage and maintain decent standard of living. Bill discourage spending at time spending needed. Bill bad!

Hrrrrngh! Me crush regressive, short-sighted bill!

If House pass 3712 and send to Senate floor, Gronk destroy bill. Gronk pound bill with fists. Gronk stomp. Proponents in Senate sooner kill Gronk than pass bill. That kind of dedication constituents come to expect from Gronk.

…but, dammit, Gronk’s instincts are sound (although the minimum wage increase thing is problematical).  Also, this was quite right:

That America fight terrorism is clear. How hard America fight up to all of us. Up to Congress with votes Congress cast, but, most important, up to citizen with vote citizen cast.

I have no argument with any of that.

Moe Lane

And don’t me any guff about grammar.  Have you heard some of our Senators?  We’ve got people in office now who make Gronk sound like freaking Demosthenes.


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