#rsrh. OCH! Wisconsin’s tax dollars at work.

Marvel, oh my droogies, at the caliber of establishment that the Brave Sir Robins (otherwise known as “Democratic Wisconsin state senators trying to avoid a vote on ending collective bargaining”) hid out at, rather than do their job.  I give you… the Tilted Kilt:

If you think that I’m going to pretend that I wouldn’t have a beer and something fried – AND NON-SCOTTISH – at such a fine, fine residence myself, well… I’m not.  I’d probably cheerfully eat there, if I needed to, or really, wanted to.  But I wouldn’t be doing it on the taxpayer’s dime, either – and if I’m there in Illinois when I should be in Wisconsin dealing with the fact that elections have consequences, then I’m doing it on the taxpayer’s dime whether or not I’m using my personal credit card to leave Fiona MacSchoolgirloutfit an outrageous tip that will not, in fact, result in her helping toss my caber*.

And remember this well, ye Wisconsin Republican state Senators.  That is where your ‘colleagues’ were while you were carefully avoiding letting your heads, or those of your staffers, be in a clear field of fire today.

Via The PJ Tatler, via Instapundit.

Moe Lane

*Not that I would attempt to enlist such help, being married and all.

5 thoughts on “#rsrh. OCH! Wisconsin’s tax dollars at work.”

  1. I wonder what Wisconsin feminists will think of their choice of retreat…

    (OK, I know they’ll never object. Feminism is just a propaganda arm of the Democrat party anymore.)

  2. Tilted Kilt is a fine establishment; it has these advantages over Hooters: the food is good, and the girls’ outfits are cuter.

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