#rsrh QotD, The Ref Should Have Stopped That Powerline/TP Fight edition.

Power Line (and Claremont fellow!*) contributor John Hinderaker, in the process of casually dismembering the latest attempt by Think Progress to justify its subsidizing by the Left** (hint: research groups should, you know, do research):

Here is the conclusion of Fang’s attack on me:

Asked about his failure to disclose his firm’s financial relationship with Koch, Hinderaker told ThinkProgress’ Scott Keyes today that he has no comment.

Sorry, kid, you better go listen to the tape. (Midway through the conversation I asked Keyes whether he was taping it. He said that he was. Keyes did not disclose that he was recording the conversation until I asked him point-blank.) What I actually said to Keyes was not “no comment.” I told him that I would be delighted to give him an interview, as long as I can also interview Lee Fang. Keyes seemed taken aback, and asked what I wanted to question Fang about. I told him that I wanted to ask Fang why he never mentions Wal-Mart, and whether it is because Wal-Mart donated $500,000 to the group that owns Think Progress. I said I had lots more questions, too. Curiously enough, Keyes wasn’t excited about the prospect of turning Lee Fang over to me for an interview. I told him that I would be happy to answer his questions, as soon as Think Progress makes Fang available to answer mine. The offer still stands.

Don’t wait up for them to take you up on it, John.

Moe Lane

*I just realized: except for my work for Eagle Publishing (which is tied in with RedState, obviously), I don’t belong to a single conservative think tank or organization.  This makes me sad.

**I personally don’t bother, much: the Activist Left’s ROI on ThinkProgress is sufficiently low that I don’t feel the need to really have any kind of professional interest in their antics.  Much like MMfA, they suck up a lot of oxygen and money that might actually otherwise go to hungry Lefty bloggers with actual journalistic instincts and a willingness to go gonzo, and that’s just fine with me.


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