#rsrh Cracks in the public union wall.

The WSJ notes that collective bargaining reform is not just happening in Wisconsin and Ohio:

Lawmakers in Florida, Idaho, Missouri, Tennessee and South Carolina have introduced bills to reduce union power or to make it more difficult for them to sign up workers, and there is talk of similar measures even in labor-friendly California and New York. Those efforts would build on bills already working their way through legislatures in Iowa, Kansas and the traditionally progressive state of Massachusetts.

The measures aren’t identical, but each attempts to rein in labor unions amid concerns about state budget deficits and a national debate over public-sector pay and pensions.

California’s probably a lost cause, but both New York and Massachusetts are definite possibles; apparently, the problem’s gotten too big for the local power structures to ignore.  Real shame everybody’s concentrating on Wisconsin, huh? – At least, I’m betting that’s what the public sector union leadership is thinking right now.

But if they’re worried now, then… whoops!  Almost said too much, there.

Moe Lane

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