#rsrh What’s the big deal about Krugman’s admission?

I mean, there’s nothing particularly unusual about Paul Krugman not reading conservative/libertarian material: I for one don’t waste my professional time reading any more liberal/progressive opinion pieces than I absolutely have to, and frankly I don’t usually have to.  Of course, I am more or less a political agitator and instigator – but then, that is what Paul Krugman really is, too.

Only, I’m better at it than he is.  Honestly, the poor man should stick to economic theory.


  • Free-range Oyster says:

    I fear Krugman has passed the point of no return on his career path. Some of the arguments he has offered in the last few years sound like they are coming from an economic illiterate, because he has sacrificed his intellectual honesty to become a flack for the Democrat Party. He has ceased to really be an economist, and is now a political partisan who happens to be well-educated in economic theory. So the one-time Nobel Prize winner in now up against the likes of Moe Lane… and losing. That just makes me smile.

  • Demosthenes says:

    Don’t compare yourself to Krugman. There is no comparison. For starters, you’re more intellectually honest.

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