#rsrh Anti-labor Democrats? HAH!

I agree with Mickey Kaus on one thing: people like that aren’t Republicans, Lefty agitprop peddlers to the contrary.  But progressives in California who are fighting public sector unions aren’t fighting them because public sector unions are bloated ticks on the backside of the American economy.  No, they’re fighting them because there’s not enough for both progressives and the aforementioned bloated ticks.  These guys  would happily go back to the old cash-for-votes deal if only the treasury wasn’t so bare.

Put another way, this is all just strictly business.  Nothing personal.

One thought on “#rsrh Anti-labor Democrats? HAH!”

  1. This is the possible straw for this particular camel. Dems know the fiscal reality and there best bet by far is to throw the PSU’s under the bus while still pandering to their broader constituencies through government goodies as long as possible. Hopefully that won’t last long either.

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