Star Trek: Phase 2.

This is

Well, this is Star Trek: Phase 2 – new episodes based on ST: TOS, featuring new actors in the old roles.    This is what happens when a bunch of obsessive-compulsive Star Trek nerds and geeks discover that advances in computer animation and general video technology have advanced to a level where you can recreate the technical production values of a 1960s major television studio.  So all you need are the costumes, the actors, the scripts, the attitude, and the uncritical willingness to take the source material seriously.  In case you’re wondering, it’s all volunteer: copyright issues means that these folks can’t generate revenue from doing this, but they’re doing it anyway.

Here’s the first episode that these gloriously mad bastard nerds and geeks did, some years ago.   Feel free to wince and groan as much as I did – but speaking as an old(er) Trekkie… by God it is fun to live in a world where such things may be.

Moe Lane


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