I have been warned…

…by Cynthia Yockey: this shall be my fate, at some point.  Fortunately, I understand that the Apple video game situation is such that I will have some small protection against what Charlie Stross calls a class five glamour*.


Moe Lane

*That’s a good series, by the way.

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  • Skip says:

    Of course, with front and back cameras, you’ll be particularly vulnerable to SCORPION STARE.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    Naw. You’re gonna fill it with e23 PDFs.

    GoodReader. DropBox. Oh, and for what you’re getting it for: DropBox and CameraSync.

  • My love affair with Apple began in November 1984 with the Fat Mac. But it wasn’t until after you linked the review of the iPad that converted YOU — dagnabbit! — that I began to see an iPad as a real necessity, for my health, you understand, because it fits on an elliptical machine and I will be sure to exercise more often, now that my time on it is 40 minutes, if I can multi-task and watch instructional videos. That is my story and I’m sticking to it.

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