#rsrh My (semi-)professional advice on declaring for President.

Wait.  Byron’s right to imply here that it’s far too soon for GOP candidates to formally run for Preisdent; it’d make much more sense to hold off on a formal announcement until… September of this year, I think.  October, if people can hold out that long.

Mind you, starting exploratory committees and building a public presence are both fine; but a formal announcement isn’t a good idea.  The President is starting early because Obama needs all the time he can get to raise money; and because running for office beats all hollow trying to justify his record (which is frankly horrible) or actually being President (which he is frankly bad at).  There’s no need to emulate him, particularly since being a formal candidate at this point merely gives Democrats someone to aim at…

Moe Lane

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  • Don says:

    Good advice Moe….I’ll be sure to consult you once I take over the world.

    What do you think the prospects are for the GOP candidate, or any future candidate, to use public funding ever again? Personally I think Obama destroyed the one institution that everyone could agree on, public financing through voluntary donations, and it needs to be shut down. Change the form to allow people to contribute to debt reduction and make it legally binding, so the money cannot be squandered. My semi-amateur advice 🙂

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