#rsrh We are a gentle people. (Language warning)

[UPDATE]: The original is down, but thanks to RCP it’s been replaced with another video of the proceedings.


Truly.  We have a world hegemony, yes – but compare our hegemony to that of Assyria’s, Rome’s, Europe’s, or even England’s, and it is a profoundly light one.  We have our country, and it’s quite large enough for any reasonable people, and so we’re out of the habit of directly acquiring any spare bits of real estate that may be lying around unattended.  Honestly, the only reason that we even retain a hegemony that we don’t particularly want is that there’s nobody else out there that we quite trust enough to do the job as well as we do.  And here is the proof of the pudding: when things turn bad, people instinctively run towards the American soldiers on the scene.  That’s because the entire world has internalized the notion by now that what the USA truly excels at is killing monsters.  In short, we really are the good guys.

Fuck with us, though


…and you won’t go home in a box.  Not when there’s a perfectly good ocean, right there.

Moe Lane

7 thoughts on “#rsrh We are a gentle people. (Language warning)”

  1. Fish need to eat too ya know!
    Just watch, the officer leading that cheer (an instructor?) is going to get a ‘strongly-worded’ memo.
    Oh, way ta go, Squids.


  2. Dang. Video removed.

    But two decades earlier, Robin Williams, “Live at the Met” —

    “We’re Americans! We’re a simple, generous people … but if you piss us off, we’ll bomb your cities!”

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