Me and Bioware, we nearly had *words*. (Spoilers)


I found this article a couple of days ago that seemed to suggest that Mass Effect 3 might not have Tali’Zorah vas Normandy as a NPC for your team.  This would have been, of course, and obviously, COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.  It would be like not having Garrus or Liara – or, OK, Ashley/Kaiden (Wrex is, of course, going to be busy doing… something else*).  Fortunately, the word is that Tali will be back, which is going to be just fine.  Just fine.

Incidentally, and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but if you haven’t played the Mass Effect series yet, I recommend this play cycle:

  • Play Mass Effect 2 first (Paragon).  Make sure that you have all the DLC.
  • Play Mass Effect, using an equivalent PC in terms of appearance and class (Paragon, with Liara romance).
  • Replay Mass Effect 2, using an import of your Mass Effect PC (again, Paragon).

If you’ve done it right, you will spend large parts of the game feeling as if your first run-through was merely a mild nightmare where your friends, colleagues, mentors, and acquaintances had been subtly yet significantly ground down by the universe.  For me, the critical moment was the Krogan ‘throne room…’  You are there, and you remember how depressing it was the ‘last’ time you were there, but that was just a bad dream, and it’s actually going to be OK now.

Yes, I enjoy the heck out of this series.

Moe Lane

*Provided that you were smart in Mass Effect.  And I cannot for the life of me understand how anybody could do that to Wrex.

I mean, seriously.  What. The. F*ck?  Do you kick puppies, too?

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  • CH says:


    I don’t remember the term, DLC. 🙂 I have played both ME1&2 so many times, I have lost count! In ME1, had a fling w/Kaiden, then Liara, and finally Tali. In ME2, covered everyone except Miranda (haughty so and so lol).

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