#rsrh Andrew Sullivan’s revelation: it’s all because of the Jooosss…

…that people panned Obama’s inability to check before insisting that Israel give back East Jerusalem.

At least, the Bad Jooosss: the ones that live in Israel and supposedly run American foreign policy.  And the American media.  And, apparently, bloggers (which apparently includes people like me*). Andy, Andy, Andy.  Real Americans don’t have to be paid to respect magnificently tough sons of bitches that have held off everything thrown at them for sixty-three years and counting.  That they’re also a functioning and prosperous democracy in a sea of kleptocracies and failed states is merely icing on the cake.

Ach, well: the tertiary stage of conspiracy theorizing has been long known.

Moe Lane

*Gotta love those checks from the International Zionist Conspiracy.

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