#rsrh QotD, It’s all because of the Jews Edition.

Well, not yet – but when you start blaming shadowy conspiracies for your problems (which is what the Left is doing right now), you’re going to eventually end up talking about the Jooooooooooooos.  It’s the tertiary stage of conspiracy thinking, and once you reach that point, there’s more or less no hope for you.

Anyway.  Here’s Michael Gerson, with his quote:

When an ideology stumbles, its adherents can always turn to alcohol – or to conspiracy theories. It is easier to recover from alcohol.

Mostly because very few people actually want alcoholics to stay on the sauce.  But you can always find a group ready and willing to enable conspiracy thinking –  particularly, again, if they can get you on the path of blaming it all on the Joooooooooooooos.

Via somebody or other; there was a conspiracy today to feed me decaf, so I’ve lost track.

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “#rsrh QotD, It’s all because of the Jews Edition.”

  1. They fed you DECAF!?!? Those EVIL &@$*#%*$ !! Sending up heavily caffeinated prayers for you, Moe (though I’m sure a caffeine IV would be more useful…)

  2. I guess your right. It’s all my fault. I wanted my elected representatives to stop spending money like virgins in a brothel. I wanted them to read a bill before they voted on it. I wanted a responsible alternative to obamacare with tort reform and portability. I wanted real support for Israel. I wanted accountability from those I helped to elect and lower taxes. silly me.

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