“We gonna dance, now!”

I actually remember seeing this on TV when it was on.

I’ve always liked tap dancing… to watch, mind you; I don’t have any training in it, although I kid myself that I might have been all right at it if I had ever tried. I got it from my dad, who I think could tap-dance a little, I’m not sure. Anyway, seeing somebody who knows how to hoof always gives me a smile.

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  • Bob Stovall says:

    Gregory Hines once made a movie(a courtroom drama the title of which is lost to me) in my very small hometown of Forsyth, GA. He became a regular at the only real watering in my town during his time off from the filming and could be persuaded to dance for the small crowds that would come to see and be seen. By all accounts, he was approachable, friendly and fun to be around.

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