Just a reminder: the RedState Gathering is this weekend.

If you’re attending, feel free to look me up.  I’ll be one of the guys with the harried look on his face (when I’m not one of the guys hiding in the bar, beer in hand); these things are great fun, but they’re very much working vacations for me.  The Media maw must be fed content, and this is a place where I can generate any number of candidate and politician interviews.  And the Gatherings don’t run themselves, so somebody’s got to run around and lend a hand.  At that, I have a heck of a lot less to keep track of than Erick or Caleb or Neil or various Eagle Publishing folks.

But it is in fact still a vacation, and I’m always happy to talk to a reader of my stuff.

Moe Lane

PS: If Governor Rick Perry (R, TX) is formally planning to declare his candidacy at the RS Gathering, he has not seen fit to drop me an email on the subject.  And, yes: there is something weird about the fact that I actually do get the odd email from politicians and candidates on the state and federal level.  I’m not really sure how it happened, either.

One thought on “Just a reminder: the RedState Gathering is this weekend.”

  1. Alas I cannot make it there this year. I was jobhunting when it came time to register, and I couldn’t justify the expense when I didn’t have a source of income. At least Charleston was within driving distance; I couldn’t make Austin last year because that’s just too far to drive from Atlanta and my gf’s inner ear issues have kept her from flying for several years now. Have fun, and have an extra drink for me and the others that couldn’t make it there.

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