#rsrh What’s funnier about this ThinkProgress piece?

That a philosophy major is arrogantly blaming a local drought on climate change (if the kid aging wunderkind had done some research, he’d know that droughts have been recorded in Texas as occurring on a regular basis for roughly five hundred years*); or that ThinkProgress can’t afford editors?

“Dialectic,” Yglesias.  Dialectic. Not that I take seriously the half-witticisms* of Trotsky, who was of course a secular prophet of the single most blood-soaked failed economic/political philosophy in recorded history, but since Ygelsias’ website apparently does take said prophet seriously then you’d think that they’d show more respect.

Moe Lane

PS: Yglesisas gets extra points for the anthropomorphizing, by the way: apparently Governor Perry’s problem in the Left’s eyes was that he likes praying to the wrong God.

*For the benefit of progressives and other historical illiterates: that means that they predate the Industrial Revolution.  By a lot.

**Honestly, the man probably gained a bit of intelligence for a moment, thanks to the ice pick: by all accounts, the hole probably gave parts of Trotsky’s brain access to the first oxygen that they had had in years.

What?  Disrespect?  Huh.  As I understand the rules of Trotsky’s own religion, he’s in no position to care if I’m being mean to him.


  • civil truth says:

    I’m still waiting to hear someone assert that these fires are the judgment of God Gaia Obama on Texas for denying global cooling warming climate change. Or perhaps judgment for reelecting Perry as governor…

  • civil truth says:

    I see the strike-out html code didn’t work…

  • Moe_Lane says:

    I’ll forward that along.

  • Kay B. Day says:

    I think many of these kids have never grown anything. Those of us who grew up in a rural area and actually helped raise the food we eat know the vagaries of nature.

    I also think there is an unconscious return on the parts of elitists to nature worship–the Pachamama Syndrome.

    The alliance of socialist progressivism and enviro-thuggery has harmed the very constituency progressives claim to want to save. Rising food costs (diversion of food for fuel crops), rising utility costs due to regulations imposed on the basis of suspect [political] science and the so-called war on obesity (with standards established by a long dead Belgian whose research was racially tinged) all point to disregard for the working poor and the voluntary poor as well.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    “diversion of food for fuel crops”
    While futilely dreaming of having a place in the country to call my own, I was looking at some options for small stoves. They were selling some that burnt CORN. Not husks. Not cobs. KERNELS.
    I guess it’s simpler than the ethanol boondoggle.

  • Kay B. Day says:

    Rob, you reckon those kernels would pop?

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