Bollywood, J-Lo & Fiats, oh my!

PJ Lifestyle asks if this is the worst car commercial of all time.

It is, but not for the reasons that he (or Glenn, or Autoextremist) may be thinking.  It’s the worst car commercial of all time because of its target audience mismatch.  You see: in the great Venn Diagram of life, the overlap between Fans of American Football and Fans of Bollywood Musicals is probably not all that great.

Seriously, if you’re going to rip off Indian cinema, could you at least do so proudly?  And maybe add a few explosions?

Tell me that wasn’t a better car commercial.  And they weren’t even trying to make one, there.

Moe Lane


  • Doug Stewart says:

    My three year old asked my wife “Mommy, why is that lady so angry at everyone? And why is there dancing?”

  • BigGator5 says:

    What makes the secound video so awesome, is that even if you do not know the language they are speaking, you understand them completely. Communication isn’t just about words.

  • I hate that friggin commercial. Even my wife and daughter were ready to throw a brick at the TV last Sunday during the game.

  • BCochran1981 says:

    It just didn’t make any sense to me. So she’s driving down the street, trying to avoid a bunch of people acting like crazed stalkers. Gotcha. Then she inexplicably stops the car and all of the people who were chasing her are now standing around evenly spaced. Huh. Two of them yank her out of the top of the car. Uh oh. Panic? Screaming for help? Nope. DANCE PARTY!!!!!!

    Congrats Fiat. You’ve managed to take the pretty simple concept of “hot chick dancing on/near car” and butcher beyond recognition.

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