Are you shocked?  Because I’m shocked:

Russia’s prime minister Vladimir Putin will return to his post as president next year after he and president Dmitry Medvedev announced they were switching jobs.

The announcement was made on Saturday at the annual conference of United Russia, the hegemonic party that controls two-thirds of Russia’s parliament. It put to rest intrigue over Mr Putin’s next move.

No, really, I’m shocked.  I had it figured that Putin would surely have had the evidence planted by now that absolutely proved that he was the long-lost grandson of Anastasia.  Ever think that old Vladimir wakes up sometimes cursing how thorough the Bolsheviks were* at slaughtering the Romanov dynasty?

Moe Lane

*Admittedly, if there’s anything that you can count on Commies being good at, it’s the mass slaughter of people who can’t fight back.  It’s like they took their skill at everything else (like food production) and dedicated it towards learning how to efficiently kill innocents.


  • Prayerborne says:

    How hard did you have to resist the urge to work the words “dump stat” into that footnote, Moe?

  • ego says:

    Medvedev admits the field without a fight. The president makes way for Vladimir Putin’s return to the Kremlin. The power struggle in Moscow is decided. Russia shows continuity in development. Whether it is good for the country, we shall see. But continuity is sometimes not so bad, after all, there are no riots and then you know where you stand.

  • jetty says:

    1. Russia will never have an American form of government. Ever.
    2. Russia has been/is/will always be an authoritarian country.
    3. Russians crave/need/can’t live without strong leadership (see Yelstin, Boris).
    4. Putin is incredibly popular in Russia, despite whining by the likes of the MSM and Gary Kasparov.
    5. Those commies kept Georgian President Saakavshili from slaughtering everyone in South Ossetia.
    6. Putin loves his country. Can’t say that about every president now, can we?

    So, yeah.

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