#rsrh The deserved persistence of the #OWS Dirty Hippie meme.

Outside the Beltway (via @vermontaigne) is possibly a bit bemused that the meme of Occupy Wall Street being a haven for dirty hippies has by now hit the mainstream.  There’s a reason for that: OCCUPY WALL STREET IS A HAVEN FOR DIRTY, FILTHY HIPPIES. And it’s so blatantly obvious that even the regular media is noticing.

Don’t believe me? Watch this Daily show clip (via the above OTB link):

Note that The Daily Show felt obligated to teach the dirty, filthy hippies at Occupy Wall Street how to use publicly-available restrooms properly. Most civilized people learn the basic etiquette of how to not to take undue advantage* of merchant-supplied toilets by the time that they’re, oh, about twelve or so: then again, most people in this society have an equally-basic respect for property rights.

Which is to say, most people are not dirty, filthy hippies. Or members of Occupy Wall Street.

Moe Lane

*Yes, we have all been in a situation where we had to sneak into a store’s bathroom despite the fact that we weren’t going to buy anything. When’s the last time that you defecated all over the floor and ripped out the sink in the course of doing that?

7 thoughts on “#rsrh The deserved persistence of the #OWS Dirty Hippie meme.”

  1. I will back BigGator’s proposal if it also means that we can build a large drill to bore to the center of the hippies.

  2. That video inadvertently exposed the basic problem with hippies. When she tries to “build a bridge” and the guy admits that he doesn’t have any money, instead of berating him for being an irresponsible idiot unable to even meet his own basic needs, the hippie is instead coddled like a child. This type of coddling is what creates the type of person who is forced to shower in a sink and crap all over a toilet stall.

  3. These are faux hippies. The real hippies I knew back in the day walked the walk. I remember being on the bank of a pond and fishing for brim when this young white woman with Afro hair ran over screaming at us, “Are you hungry? Why do you want fish if you’re not hungry?” She was nuts.

    There were some faux hippies back in the day–mostly out of staters whose parents had enough money to pay out of state tuition which was pretty steep. Those kids just wanted to play act the part.

    The rest of us couldn’t afford to be hippies.Our parents didn’t have enough money to fund our lifestyles–we had to work. Plus we insisted on showering every day. That seems to be a key link between the hippies of yore and the faux hippies today–dirt.

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