#rsrh The deserved persistence of the #OWS Dirty Hippie meme.

Outside the Beltway (via @vermontaigne) is possibly a bit bemused that the meme of Occupy Wall Street being a haven for dirty hippies has by now hit the mainstream.  There’s a reason for that: OCCUPY WALL STREET IS A HAVEN FOR DIRTY, FILTHY HIPPIES. And it’s so blatantly obvious that even the regular media is noticing.

Don’t believe me? Watch this Daily show clip (via the above OTB link):

Note that The Daily Show felt obligated to teach the dirty, filthy hippies at Occupy Wall Street how to use publicly-available restrooms properly. Most civilized people learn the basic etiquette of how to not to take undue advantage* of merchant-supplied toilets by the time that they’re, oh, about twelve or so: then again, most people in this society have an equally-basic respect for property rights.

Which is to say, most people are not dirty, filthy hippies. Or members of Occupy Wall Street.

Moe Lane

*Yes, we have all been in a situation where we had to sneak into a store’s bathroom despite the fact that we weren’t going to buy anything. When’s the last time that you defecated all over the floor and ripped out the sink in the course of doing that?


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