I need some iPod opinions.

So my current iPod pretty much lost its battery capacity a while back; it whimpers and dies when I take it from the car to the house.  Thus, I’m looking for a replacement: specifically, I’m looking at this sucker – Apple iPod touch 8GB (4th Generation) – Black – Current Version. It turns out that, thanks to people hitting the Amazon.com link a goodly bit (thanks, by the way) and a low incidence of hitting the bank account recently, I can pretty much cover a used version of this.  The big question is the difference in capacity between the 8GB and the 32GB version; does this iCloud thing make that effectively moot?

Moe Lane

What? Oh, by all means let’s make the entire subject moot too, if you like.

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  • Neil Stevens says:

    iCloud (free for 5GB, pay beyond that) and iTunes Match ($25/yr when it comes out) will let you push and pull music from the iPod, but it’s not a streaming service. To do that would have required Apple to fight with the RIAA like Amazon does.

    If you want streaming music you should get Pandora (Free) or Amazon Cloud Player ($20/yr).

    How big was your old iPod?

  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    I always go for capacity, you will never regret having too much, but you might for too little. Then again, that’s partly because I have 10+GB set aside for the entire Firefly series. 🙂

  • Neil Stevens says:

    Wow if you had the Mini, then that’s older than my first iPod, which was the G1 nano 4GB. White.

    I suspect 8GB will do you. Allocate yourself the 4-5GB for music, leave the remaining 2-3 for video and you should be good. 3GB for HD video may sound small but I’m assuming you’ll be able to dump it off onto your iPad as you go.

    Then again, as mentioned above, if you start wanting to get frisky with it by loading apps. movies, and things… just get the 32 if you can. 🙂

  • qixlqatl says:

    Re: Neil’s first comment, I love me some Pandora. I forget what I paid for it last year about this time, but I have certainly considered it money very well spent.

  • Jeff says:

    Always go for the largest storage size you can. Also, playing local media always uses less battery than streaming, so it will last longer.

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