Where the filthy lucre is frivolously going.

I had a joke here originally: but it is unfortunately not currently a good joke, because it will hurt people’s feelings unintentionally.  Not that I am above hurting people’s feelings – quite the opposite – but I don’t like doing it except when it’s part of a deliberate campaign to administer a good kicking to the truly deserving. So I’ll just mention some of the geekstuff that I picked up, thanks largely to generous reader contributions.

In no particular order:

My thanks to everyone who reads, comments, contributes, and/or takes advantage of the Amazon thing.  It’s much appreciated.
Moe Lane
PS: By all means…

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  1. Ah, Spinnerette. Krazy Krow has finally got both a great concept and a pair of steady artists to pound out steady content. Used to read Krakow back in the day and followed Marilith through all the artist changes.

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