Sword fighting in The Princess Bride.

Honestly, this is probably more edifying than a music video would be:

Even if the reason why half of you don’t haveĀ The Princess Bride already is because all you have to do is close your eyes, and there it is.

8 thoughts on “Sword fighting in The Princess Bride.”

  1. It’s still one of the Best movies I have ever seen, it just captured something of youth, dreams, and love, and rolled them up into one great big ball of enjoyment.

  2. Great, now I’ll spend the whole daily playing the movie in my head. Staring with fred Savage playing football in his room with. Note the poster of the the Fridge as well as Reiners hat from Spinal Tap

  3. So, that video made me look for similar ones. There were a bunch on Andre the Giant, and what a sweetheart he was on the set. The best story was when they were shooting the climb up the Cliffs of Insanity. Wallace Shawn (who *hated* heights) started having an epic freak-out. Andre literally petted him on the head and told him “I won’t let anything happen to you.” Shawn was fine after that.

    …dangit, now I have something in my eye…

  4. My all-time favorite movie, and I have passed it on to the next generation. We’re on our 5th copy.

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