I don’t think that this was the ABA’s intent.

I think that the American Booksellers’ Association’s intent was to have me go “Oh, how horrible is it that Amazon.com has an app that will allow people to comparison-shop on the fly.” Instead, it had me go “Wow. Amazon.com has an app that will allow me to comparison shop on the fly.  Let me download that RIGHT NOW.”  Admittedly, it’d be slightly more useful if my iPod Touch had a network card in it, but lots of places have free Wi-Fi these days.

…Yes, I’m going to spend extra time in Purgatory for that one.

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3 thoughts on “I don’t think that this was the ABA’s intent.”

  1. I too thought this was a great app, until I realized that I get all my books from Amazon anyway.

  2. Yeah, speaking as a former bookseller and someone who is willing to spend a couple bucks more in order to kick some business the way of my local used bookstore, I think the hullabaloo over the Amazon app is a lot of sound and fury. OK, the argument can be made that this is a backdoor way Amazon has created for turning shoppers into unpaid market researchers, but Google’s had a similar scheme going for years, and it hasn’t stopped me from using them. Welcome to the Information Age.

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