#rsrh Occupy Denver ends in arson.

Seriously, kids. The courts have declared quite a lot of stuff to be free speech, but they generally draw the line at TRYING TO SET A PARK ON FIRE:

…officers had hoped to ask the protestors a final time to remove their belongings, but when two prostestors began setting the shelters aflame, officers and firefighters had to move it.

A firetruck moved in to douse the flames as a battery of police closed ranks shouting, “Move back!” to allow firefighters access.

The terrifying bit?  There’s probably people out there scratching their heads wondering why the rest of us are shaking ours.

Via JWF.


  • BigGator5 says:

    If you are not reading JWF, then why not?

  • dunce says:

    I know the police have video cameras and could record these kinds of things so even though the perps get away in the crowd and the confusion, they can be picked out and up later for prosecution plus the political types would have to try to defend some criminal after he has been arrested and there was hard evidence. Currently the mayors are forbidding the arrests but not in writing because it could come back to haunt them in the next election that they sanctioned law breaking.

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