Occupiers, NATO, Chicago, & Molotov cocktails.

You know how this ends.

Tell me you’re surprised.

Three out-of-state men arrested in a Bridgeport apartment raid days before the NATO summit were charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism, providing material support for terrorism and possession of an explosive or incendiary device, their attorney and police said early Saturday.

The arrests were the result of a month-long investigation into a group suspected of making Molotov cocktails — crude bombs usually created by filling glass bottles with gasoline, according to law enforcement sources and police records obtained by the Tribune.

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#rsrh It’s a good thing that this country isn’t the country that those Occupy Clevelanders…

think that it is.  If it were that country, then this drama would end with said Occupiers occupying nooses from the central span of the Veterans’ Memorial Bridge.

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#rsrh Mayor Michael McGinn attempts to keep weapons from Occupy Seattle.

By the way: do you marvel at that sentence? Because I marvel at that sentence.

Fairly clearly due to expected activities in Seattle from the Occupiers/Black Bloc lunatics, this fine May Day.

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#Rsrh Hey, remember when #ows was going to transform stuff…

…at the level of the Tea Party?  Yeah, well, now even Bill Maher’s washing his (somewhat unsavory) hands of those idiots (via Hot Air Headlines). You know, it would have been interesting if the Occupiers had figured out how to translate their (somewhat mediocre and puerile) initial demonstrations into something that could have generated into actual votes.  Alas, that sort of thing requires work – and, worse, soap.

Oh, well, it makes my job easier.  And, really, that’s the important thing.

#rsrh Occupy Wall Street now desecrating churches.

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Ace of Spades HQ readers. Also, why lie?

Daddy needs new gaming material. I’m trapped here in a house full of children with colds.


There’s no longer room at the inn at a Manhattan church that’s sheltering Occupy Wall Streeters after a holy vessel disappeared from the altar last week.


The artifact vanished just three weeks after a $2,400 Apple MacBook vanished from Brashear’s office. He told the occupiers that even when the 100-year-old Upper West Side church extended help to addicts during the 1980s drug scourge, no visitors touched its $12,500 sacramental instrument.

“Not even crackheads messed with that,” he said.

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#rsrh I have to wonder if Meghan’s *meaning* to play King Canute…

here, or whether it’s accidental.  Essentially, Meghan McArdle’s trying to gently explain to the Occupy DC people that no, really, they’re helping to indirectly raise Dizzy City’s crime rate via the Occupiers’ hogging of finite police resources for protection (I have summarized the DC police union’s position on this issue quite comprehensively, but not inaccurately).  To which I sardonically note, Good luck with that, Meghan.  Those people are absolutely convinced that they’re the vanguard of some strange, fever-dream revolution*; compared to that, what’s a little money?  Or a whole lot of money?

Besides, if the protests start up again in late spring/summer there’s a pretty good chance that the Occupiers will start by brawling with the cops and having things degenerate from there.  Ah, progressive activists: can’t live with them, nobody else really wants them, either.

Moe Lane

*If I was more of a troublemaker, I’d find a way to sneak the Yellow Sign** into the ‘official’ Occupier iconography.  Alas, though, so few people would get the joke.

**No, not the real one.  It doesn’t actually exist, you know.  And thank God for that.

#rsrh Occupy Wall Street starts 2012 with aggravated assault.

Yup.  You’re all shocked.  Short version: dirty hippie wannabes tried to take over Zuccotti Park, cops kept them out, cop gets stabbed with scissors, dirty hippie wannabes try to keep cop from getting to the hospital.  You know, at some point these people are going to start plotting about how best to off them some cops.  Or maybe some soldiers.  Or dependents of either (they’re usually softer targets).  That’s how it usually ends: start with the SDS, end with the Weathermen…

Moe Lane

Via JWF, via AoSHQ Headlines.

#rsrh Occupy Denver ends in arson.

Seriously, kids. The courts have declared quite a lot of stuff to be free speech, but they generally draw the line at TRYING TO SET A PARK ON FIRE:

…officers had hoped to ask the protestors a final time to remove their belongings, but when two prostestors began setting the shelters aflame, officers and firefighters had to move it.

A firetruck moved in to douse the flames as a battery of police closed ranks shouting, “Move back!” to allow firefighters access.

The terrifying bit?  There’s probably people out there scratching their heads wondering why the rest of us are shaking ours.

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#rsrh #ows Mother risks daughter out of sheer narcissism.

Behold the glory of our educational system: it gives us Occupiers (and other fools) who do not understand the concept of ‘inertia,’ and are about as equally unlikely to know how to spell it.  I cannot believe that I actually have to type this out: if you deliberately put your four year old child on railroad tracks in order to block a moving train, then you have failed as a parent.

You can have “faith in humanity” all you want, but THE LAWS OF PHYSICS do not care.  It is difficult to stop a multi-ton railed vehicle, once it gets started.  It does not matter how fast the vehicle is going; it will still crush you if you do not get out of its way*.  All the good intentions in the world will not help you.

If you recognize this woman, I beg you: keep her away from your children.

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