#rsrh It’s a good thing that this country isn’t the country that those Occupy Clevelanders…

think that it is.  If it were that country, then this drama would end with said Occupiers occupying nooses from the central span of the Veterans’ Memorial Bridge.

Moe Lane

PS: For the brain-damaged: I prefer living in a country where these idiots are merely given a fair trial and – if convicted – spend a large portion of the rest of their lives in jail.  I’m merely noting that if Occupation rhetoric matched reality the State would simply hang said idiots as saboteurs and wreckers, then sweep up their known associates and toss them all into labor camps.

Hey, listen to the [expletive deleted] Black Bloc sometimes, OK?  It’s no more my fault that the Occupiers are rapidly becoming indistinguishable from those scumbags then it was my fault that the antiwar movement fell in the same trap, back in the day.  People need to learn to own their own depraved moral choices, thanks.

6 thoughts on “#rsrh It’s a good thing that this country isn’t the country that those Occupy Clevelanders…”

  1. OWS has managed to recreate, by chance, I can’t really call it hard work, the society of bands of rabid poo flinging monkeys. Maybe in a few 100 million years they’ll achieve something, but I doubt it.

  2. They will have achieved lots and lots of flung poo (which sounds like a baaaaaad martial arts comedy 😉 )

  3. If the #Occupy crowd got 1/10th the critical coverage John Lewis(D)’s accusations of spitting/racial epithets received, half of those people would be in jail already.

  4. *sigh*

    The really sad thing is, the most likely result of “Occupy” plus deliberate media inattention thereto is conversion of this country into precisely what they describe. I live in a small town in Texas, and I’ve already overheard somebody wondering if he ought to show up in Tampa with his deer rifle. The cheap one, in case it gets confiscated.

  5. I know Ric I’ve found myself thinking the same thing after a new OWS outrage. But the thing with them is to remember ridicule and laughter IS your deadliest weapon. People start laughing at them and they will die as movement, it’s only the MSM’s earnest coverage that keeps them going. So time to laugh at the poo-flingers.

  6. You only go hunting to get some meat, for a mount on the wall, or to eliminate vermin.#3 means they are affecting you, where you live.why waste perfectly good ammo?
    Tampa in Sept. is starting hurricane season. Can’t we just pray for a little Biblical Action? Barring that, how ’bout a lot…?

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