Hardcore anti-captialist Left blackshirts attack Seattle again.

Freaking blackshirts: “Police say black-clad May Day marchers hurled wrenches and rocks at officers and hit police with sticks as a Friday evening march through Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood turned violent, injuring three officers — two seriously.”  …Which is their habit, as well as being the increasing habit of any fools that let the blackshirts march with them. I’ve never quite understood that, really. Don’t the liberals and even the progressives know that, should the blackshirts ever take over, they’re going to be going right into the work camps, too?

Sorry: this particular faction of the Left aggravates me. Particularly since they’re apparently trying to get a cop to be sufficiently fearful of his or her life to go and shoot a charging blackshirt in the head.  That’s probably going to happen at some point, by the way. And, in anticipation of the moment? The moment that you pick up a rock and throw it at an armed man, or you take a heavy metal club and swing it at an armed man, you have formally offered to be involved in a battle to the death. I have very little sympathy for anybody who discovers, too late, that the offer was accepted.

Moe Lane

The Daily Beast ‘realizes’ that the Black Bloc blackshirts have infected the #ferguson protests.

Took ’em long enough.

Evidence from photos, videos, social-media posts and interviews suggest that a group—the New York chapter of the Trayvon Martin Organizing Committee, or TMOC—might have been involved. There is no definitive proof that TMOC led the call for dead cops, but there is a web of circumstantial ties with the group at its center. …The bedrock of TMOC’s politics, judged by their social-media output, is hatred for police and endorsement of violence against them. The group seems to blend “black bloc” anarchist street violence with social-media campaigns.

Ah, yes, the blackshirts.  I would applaud the Daily Beast’s diligence in tracking down precisely which splinter group of the Violent Activist Left was responsible for helping to get two cops killed, but: what took the Daily Beast so long? Continue reading The Daily Beast ‘realizes’ that the Black Bloc blackshirts have infected the #ferguson protests.

#rsrh It’s a good thing that this country isn’t the country that those Occupy Clevelanders…

think that it is.  If it were that country, then this drama would end with said Occupiers occupying nooses from the central span of the Veterans’ Memorial Bridge.

Moe Lane Continue reading #rsrh It’s a good thing that this country isn’t the country that those Occupy Clevelanders…

#rsrh No-fly zone over Chicago for NATO summit.

It’s actually not outrageous that there’s a no-fly zone, or that it will be enforced with missiles, if necessary: NATO summits are prime terrorist targets, and 9/11 demonstrated that terrorists can find volunteers who will fly a plane into a building.  It’s just that, up until yesterday, I would have used ‘terrorists’ to exclusively mean ‘foreign terrorists.’  But that was before it came out that there was at least one domestic bomb plot originating from the folks over at the anarchist/Black Bloc/antiglobo/Occupy movement.

Really, anybody think that the really nasty blackshirts can’t find somebody already wound up about the 99% – and keep twisting his or her key until the spring goes sproing? – Because I think that they can find somebody.  It all depends on whether this administration can keep those people too scared to even think to try.

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#rsrh Mayor Michael McGinn attempts to keep weapons from Occupy Seattle.

By the way: do you marvel at that sentence? Because I marvel at that sentence.

Fairly clearly due to expected activities in Seattle from the Occupiers/Black Bloc lunatics, this fine May Day.

Yes.  Let’s ban everything.  And… how did it work?  About as well as you’d expect: Continue reading #rsrh Mayor Michael McGinn attempts to keep weapons from Occupy Seattle.

#rsrh Oh where, oh where, has the G-dash-8 gone?

Oh where, oh where could it be?

Ah… they moved the May G8 meeting from Chicago to Camp David. Camp David, where they’re authorized to treat blackshirt anarchists who might decide to assault the site as violent paramilitary irregulars armed with crude weapons (which is what they are), instead of peaceful protestors who are simply motivated by their deep love of Western society generally and the American system of government (which is what they are not).  Not that the administration will ever, ever admit that the promise of domestic terrorist violence this go-round is markedly higher, thanks to the rapidly-souring and already-radicalized Occupy movement*: there’s a difference between being impotent in the face of a threat, and admitting to being impotent in the face of a threat.

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Occupy Wall Street latest skin mask for Blackshirt Left.

(Via Instapundit) I find it mildly astonishing that this even needed to be written, honestly:

What we are seeing here is the latest iteration of an old political program that has been given new strength by the failures of the global economy and the power of postmodern technology. [snip] … the concerns of labor intersect only tangentially with those of Occupy Wall Street’s theorists and prime movers. The occupiers have a lot more in common with the now-decades-old antiglobalization movement. They are linked much more closely to the “hacktivist” agents of chaos at WikiLeaks and Anonymous.

But perhaps this isn’t immediately obvious to the casual observer. Continue reading Occupy Wall Street latest skin mask for Blackshirt Left.

#rsrh Anarchy in the UK… next month?

Well, they’re having a visit from the blackshirts now* – and by ‘visit’ I mean ‘violent riots on the streets of London’ –  but the threat is apparently at elevated levels for next month’s Royal Wedding, which is going to draw a bunch of British… how did I put it, once? Ah, yes: “twentysomething unwashed creeps in balaclavas who simultaneously reek of patchouli oil and Rage Against the Machine” … like moths to a flame.  I expect that next month’s headlines over there are going to be at best outraged, and at worst fairly grim – and the amazing bit?  Great Britain’s got cameras everywhere.  They have surveillance cameras on their surveillance cameras – and probably surveillance cameras watching those.  You’d think that this kind of crypto-police state scrutiny would at least actually keep people from, you know, smashing up other people’s property… but apparently not.

Meanwhile, unintentional comedy from the police on their homegrown BUF-wannabes:

“They were using light bulbs filled with ammonia, petrol bombs and smoke flares. Any one of these can kill not just a police officer but a member of the public. These people are willing to resort to this naked violence in front of cameras. It is almost as if they have no fear of judicial process in this country.”

They don’t have any fear of the judicial process in Great Britain.  And why should they?  The only damned thing that they have to really worry about is not having a gun on them when they go on their rampages.

Moe Lane

*All the while being aided and abetted by more mainstream Leftist political parties; gee, where have we heard that before?

#rsrh Blackshirts on the march.

I have to take issue with the title of Richard Fernandez’s article on the coming, temporary rise of anarchism within the Left (“The Crusade of Innocents“): there’s nothing particularly innocent about the anti-globo anarchist blackshirt Left.  Then again, there’s nothing particularly ‘anarchistic’ about those fools, either: if you want proper anarchism (not to mention a more moral one) go look up the more… committed… anarcho-capitalist libertarians, who at least have the saving grace of not routinely going out and throwing Molotov cocktails at the police. Continue reading #rsrh Blackshirts on the march.

Prince of Wales attacked by far-Left mob.

(Via Instapundit) One presumes, at least, based on the graffiti (generally Communist; I’d also say ‘vile and ignorant,’ but that would be redundant), the careful over-dramatic poses (with obligatory bandannas), and of course the crowd of screaming blackshirt anarchists smashing the window of Prince Charles’ limo while screaming “Tory scum*.”  The ostensible reason for the rioting was the recent hiking of tuition rates in England, which have proven to be unpopular.  I say ‘ostensible’ because, as is the custom, the protests got taken over by Hard Left groups who could care less about tuition increases.  What they do care about is inciting a politically-useful violent response from the police, which they apparently think will allow them to start the Revolution on the spot.  Which wouldn’t actually happen, but then Communism is intellectualism for stupid people.

By the way, I have a suggestion for the British: if your students can’t have a demonstration without throwing a paint can through a limousine window and attacking your heir to the throne, then perhaps everybody that you catch at it shouldn’t get to be students anymore.  And don’t let yourself get too worked up about them reacting badly to it, either.  Your own Winston Churchill had quite a few things to say on the subject of appeasement, and why it’s a bad idea.  You know, Churchill.  The fellow whose statue one of your spoiled man-children was caught urinating on.

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