#rsrh No-fly zone over Chicago for NATO summit.

It’s actually not outrageous that there’s a no-fly zone, or that it will be enforced with missiles, if necessary: NATO summits are prime terrorist targets, and 9/11 demonstrated that terrorists can find volunteers who will fly a plane into a building.  It’s just that, up until yesterday, I would have used ‘terrorists’ to exclusively mean ‘foreign terrorists.’  But that was before it came out that there was at least one domestic bomb plot originating from the folks over at the anarchist/Black Bloc/antiglobo/Occupy movement.

Really, anybody think that the really nasty blackshirts can’t find somebody already wound up about the 99% – and keep twisting his or her key until the spring goes sproing? – Because I think that they can find somebody.  It all depends on whether this administration can keep those people too scared to even think to try.

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#rsrh Oh where, oh where, has the G-dash-8 gone?

Oh where, oh where could it be?

Ah… they moved the May G8 meeting from Chicago to Camp David. Camp David, where they’re authorized to treat blackshirt anarchists who might decide to assault the site as violent paramilitary irregulars armed with crude weapons (which is what they are), instead of peaceful protestors who are simply motivated by their deep love of Western society generally and the American system of government (which is what they are not).  Not that the administration will ever, ever admit that the promise of domestic terrorist violence this go-round is markedly higher, thanks to the rapidly-souring and already-radicalized Occupy movement*: there’s a difference between being impotent in the face of a threat, and admitting to being impotent in the face of a threat.

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#rsrh Blackshirts on the march.

I have to take issue with the title of Richard Fernandez’s article on the coming, temporary rise of anarchism within the Left (“The Crusade of Innocents“): there’s nothing particularly innocent about the anti-globo anarchist blackshirt Left.  Then again, there’s nothing particularly ‘anarchistic’ about those fools, either: if you want proper anarchism (not to mention a more moral one) go look up the more… committed… anarcho-capitalist libertarians, who at least have the saving grace of not routinely going out and throwing Molotov cocktails at the police. Continue reading #rsrh Blackshirts on the march.

Blair’s Law in action at the G20.

Blair’s Law™ – The ongoing process by which the world’s multiple idiocies are becoming one giant, useless force.

…and it’s in full view at the G20 protests in London, where we get this report from The New Ledger’s Roger Bate about the eclectic nature of the protesters.  Because it’s an antiglobo affair, it is of course dominated by the usual Communist and Israel-hating groups – the latter needing somewhere to go, now that the antiwar movement’s lost losing the war – and Bate suggests that the global warming cause may end up being added to the mix.  To which I reply: if only.  That’d be the fastist way to discredit the whole movement.  Still, the dupes-fools-and-knaves contingent is in full force at London, and they think that they smell blood, so they’re energized.

As long as they stay energized over there.  Faux-populist movements are annoying at best, and kind of intolerable at worst.

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