Guess I have to start adding ‘no anti-Semites’ to my ‘no AI’ and ‘no slave labor’ hard limits.

Believe me, I’m not thrilled that I have to actually type that out, either. Context: this contest is being held at GenCon, which is undoubtedly stretching the ‘anti-Zionism isn’t anti-Semitism!’ fig leaf to ridiculous limits as cover right now. Kind of glad I wasn’t going to be attending GenCon anyway, if I’m being honest…

Would every non-anti-Semitic donor to UCLA please watch this video?

(Via Powerline) It’d probably be a good thing if said donors knew what their money is paying for.  Short version: UCLA has an Undergraduate Students Association: the association has a judicial board. A sophomore named Rachel Beyda was under consideration for the board.  Everyone agreed that she was qualified… and then half of those people qualified that admission with a ‘but.’

You can see where this is going, right?

Yup. Ms. Beyda is a Jew.  Worse – from the original point of view of the board (Ms. Beyda was eventually confirmed, as soon as the Association’s adult faculty minder noticed that s/he was letting his/her charges do stupid things in public, which is precisely what said minder was there to prevent from happening) – they felt that the Jewish groups that Ms. Beyda belonged to might be biased, which to me sounds like they weren’t anti-Israeli enough to suit the Association.

I’m not particularly exaggerating any of this, by the way. As Powerline noted, according to the above video the only reason being given to oppose the young woman in question was that she was a Jew. If that isn’t clear from the video, here’s an admittedly partisan recounting of events from a friend of Ms. Beyda. All in all, everyone generally agrees that this incident reflects badly on UCLA, and well it should.

But that’s not why donors should reassess their charitable impulses. The reason why donors should reassess their charitable impulses is because nobody got fired for teaching these kids to be prejudiced against Jews.  What, did you think that they learned it on their own? Nope! They’ve been soaking up nonsense about divided loyalties* from their professors (and, possibly even more terrifyingly, from campus administrators); one can hardly be surprised that said nonsense is going to be, ah, expressed in stressful moments.

Those of you who don’t have a problem with this, by all means: spread around your money how you like.  This is a free country, after all.  But if you do have a problem with this… well.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: We will now pause while someone who none of us has ever heard of before – and never will hear from again – posts a twenty paragraph post earnestly (possibly, even desperately) trying to convince us all that Ms. Beyda was lucky to even be considered for that position. Or at least tries to. Because that’s how this sort of thing usually goes.

*This is sort of the reductio ad absurdum of the divided loyalties smear, in fact.  If the International Zionist Conspiracy really is capable of drilling down all the way to a college student judicial board, then we might as well all give up and start sending the IZC our timesheets.

And the Assange/Greenwald faction finally figures out how to blame the Jooooos for Charlie Hebdo attack.

These people.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (D, Vermont) meets with some of his Jew-hating constituents.

You know, we hear a lot of guff from the American Left about how insular rural areas of Red States can be.  But I gotta tell you: speaking as a transplanted Northeasterner, listen to some of those progressives in Vermont and it’s like you’re in a time warp back to 1830 and the Know-Nothing Party.

This is from a recent town hall in Cabot, VT: basically, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Commie*, Vermont) had to stand at a podium and listen to a heck of a lot of angry Vermonter anti-Semites scream about Israel, to the point where he started screaming back about halfway through. Amazingly, from the aforementioned anti-Semites’ right. Heck of a thing when that guy’s the least vile person talking. Continue reading Sen. Bernie Sanders (D, Vermont) meets with some of his Jew-hating constituents.

Quote of the Day, I Yearn To Have This Superpower edition.

Background: Haaretz – I apparently should be putting an exclamation point in parentheses after that – reported on random Italian philosopher (and closet anti-Semite) Gianni Vattimo, a man who managed to be goaded into wishing on the air (specifically, on a show called ‘La Zanzara’) that Europe would send troops and missiles to Gaza for the purpose of killing Jews.  Oh, and apparently Mr. Vattimo would like to shoot some of those ‘b*stard Zionists’ himself*.

Impressive own-goal there, huh?  Apparently this is par for the course: Continue reading Quote of the Day, I Yearn To Have This Superpower edition.

I was unaware that @amazon’s Jeff Bezos hates Jews.

Or that he hires people who do – because Jeff Bezos’ paper (The Washington Post, for those following at home) seems to have a problem with them these days:

A prominent American Jewish organization is denouncing The Washington Post for posting an animated cartoon on its YouTube channel depicting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu beating a Palestinian infant.

You know, I was kind of hoping that we had gotten past this particular sort of old nonsense. Apparently not all of us have.


Today’s anti-Israel depravity from Vox.

I’ve decided not to put this up at RedState [My colleagues have persuaded me to put this up at RedState: personally, I think that after a certain point you shouldn’t give valuable front-page space to attacking hate sites, but the aforementioned colleagues were pretty vehement that I should do so in this case] I’m pretty close to writing Vox off as an openly anti-Semitic website, and we don’t give those things any traffic. Still… dear God but this article reeks: “Yes, Gaza militants hide rockets in schools, but Israel doesn’t have to bomb them.

…I submit to all of you that when the first half of your headline concedes that one side is committing war crimes (a phrase that does not appear anywhere in that article), the second half of your headline should not try to find balance. There is no ‘balance.’ PJ Tatler summed it up pretty starkly: ‘Hiding weapons of war in schools is a war crime, straight up. Targeting civilians intentionally, as Hamas does, is also a war crime.’ If ordinary Palestinians don’t want to get bombed in retaliation for these war crimes, then I suggest that they start shooting on sight the malignant sons-of-bitches in Hamas who keep using them as human shields. Because that’s the only way this is going to end: Hamas cannot survive in Palestine without the good will of the Palestinians. Continue reading Today’s anti-Israel depravity from Vox.

You know, when I visited France it was a civilized place.

True, that was twenty years ago, but it was still, you know, cultured and everything. Now, it’s… becoming something else.

Jew-hating wing of the Presbyterian Church gives the divestment game away.

Background: the Presbyterian Church (USA) finally voted narrowly to retreat from doing business with Jews… oh, pardon me: I meant ‘divest themselves from companies that sell stuff to Israel.’ The virulent anti-Semites – oops, I was trying to type out ‘hardcore progressive activists’ – in that particular sect have been pushing for this for some time; they finally got their way.  Which makes this Kinsley Gaffe – yikes, what it is with me, today?  I absolutely thought that was going to be expressed as ‘inarticulate comment’ – all the more fascinating.

…Heath Rada, moderator for the church meeting, said immediately after the vote that “in no way is this a reflection of our lack of love for our Jewish brothers and sisters.”

So, apparently, there is an actual lack of love: it just… had no actual effect on this decision, then.

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‘Death to Israel!’ alive and well at NYU. Just… hiding from the gaze of the decent.

What charming barbarians they have in the anti-Israel Left these days: “The existence of Israel is in undeniably [sic] a flagrant violation of UN Resolutions and int’l law.”

That comes from some pro-genocide organization called Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), last seen at NYU targeting a high-percentage Jewish dormitory with phony eviction notices.  Mind you, the heroes at SJP have since deleted the quote, hopefully because their faculty advisor has patiently explained, once again, that Americans in real life kind of despise Jew-hating scumbags.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Any faculty advising SJP voluntarily probably hates him some Jews a bunch, too. Continue reading ‘Death to Israel!’ alive and well at NYU. Just… hiding from the gaze of the decent.