I was unaware that @amazon’s Jeff Bezos hates Jews.

Or that he hires people who do – because Jeff Bezos’ paper (The Washington Post, for those following at home) seems to have a problem with them these days:

A prominent American Jewish organization is denouncing The Washington Post for posting an animated cartoon on its YouTube channel depicting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu beating a Palestinian infant.

You know, I was kind of hoping that we had gotten past this particular sort of old nonsense. Apparently not all of us have.


12 thoughts on “I was unaware that @amazon’s Jeff Bezos hates Jews.”

  1. If we have to go to war, can we make sure that this poisonous belief system is burnt to the ground and the ashes scattered this time?

    1. Unfortunately, anti-semitism is baked in deeply at the elite levels of leftism. Groups will always search for an ‘other’ to ostracize, and the Jews will always be convenient to a particularly vile strain of “progressives”.

      1. Which is what puzzles me about why a lot of Jews in this country ignore their progressive brethren when they do stuff like this.

      2. Y’know what cures that?
        Lead poisoning.
        Brought to you by the campaign to bring back dueling.

          1. Doesn’t dueling require a sense of honor to work? Any familiarity with the concept seems to be missing from the authors of the cartoon.

          2. It self-corrects, UtahMan. The scum only display their true colours when they feel they are safe from reprisals.

  2. *snicker* Just looked at the comments and I see that someone posted Moe’s text above word for word. Congrats, Moe! You’re worthy of being plagarized!

    1. I noticed that the Youtube video has comments disabled.

      What a surprise. I guess they didn’t want to endure a stream of “at long last, have you no sense of decency?”

  3. Is it time for me to excommunicate myself from amazon?
    Or has this Jew h8ting turdus domestus sold amazon and cashed out on his LIBTARD krap?
    Depending on the answer, I WILL cancel all of my dealings with ama-LIBTARD-zon KKK-raptokronical-KRON!

    Someone please let me know as I have no other way to know — as I don’t have anything do do with the alphabet works and their asshole suck-up turdus migrators will shit on your cars and laugh at you…..

  4. He’s a cheap Jew Hater since he didn’t want to spend 10 million to Ezra Klein in order to get it.

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