My Redstate post on Sanders winning Democratic primaries.

Found here. Short version: …well, Bernie Sanders won all three last yesterday. It won’t matter in the slightest, because of the way that Hillary Clinton has locked down Democratic super-delegates, but he won ’em. I look forward to the day where I might possibly be able to enjoy that.

My RedState piece on Bernie Sanders giving up on Missouri.

Found here. Short version: Bernie Sanders didn’t even wait until the overseas absentee ballot deadline today*. I guess Bernie Sanders is comfortable with losing to Hillary Clinton?

Moe Lane

*Which is not to say that Ted Cruz won’t decide that a recount isn’t worth the expense and effort, either. But at least he’s apparently waiting to see what the vote difference is first…

Quick note on the DEMOCRATIC primary today in Nevada.

Hillary Clinton should win it. Period. That’s the bright line. It doesn’t really matter if Bernie Sanders gets close; he’d need to win outright for it to matter in the larger meta-narrative.

So if Bernie Sanders does win, it’s big news. If he doesn’t, it’s not.  Simple as that, really.

The AFL-CIO endorses… nobody?

Well, isn’t this interesting.

The AFL-CIO will not endorse Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, according to a report from The Huffington Post.

Many of the nation’s top unions have thrown their weight behind Clinton, but AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told members the federation is staying out of it.

This is, of course, not so much good news for Bernie Sanders as it is horrible news for Hillary Clinton.  At a guess, the AFL-CIO is hedging its bets. If Sanders wins, the union’s decision to stay out will look like a tacit support of him; but if Clinton wins, well, what can she do? She still needs the organization for the general election. It’s win-win! Continue reading The AFL-CIO endorses… nobody?

Well, yes, the GOP is obviously prepping for a possible Sanders nomination.

Hillary Clinton does still have better odds to get the nomination, but between New Hampshire and the super-delegate fix being in there’s a nontrivial chance that her election campaign will implode on its own. There’s also a nontrivial chance that she gets indicted, honestly – or that the head of the FBI ends up resigning because Hillary Clinton doesn’t get indicted, which would be almost as practically useful, from the point of view of a partisan political hack such as myself*. So, preparations will be made in case Bernie Sanders somehow gets the nomination.  Contingency planning is rarely a bad idea, after all; better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it…

Moe Lane

*Yes, of course I want to see the woman indicted. She’s guilty as Hell.  But if the opposition decides to give me a five-pound sledgehammer instead of a ten-pound one, what am I supposed to do? Not swing it?

Bernie Sanders fans want to recruit Rand Paul supporHAHAHAHAHAHA No.

Look. Rand Paul is a libertarian. Bernie Sanders is a socialist.  A socialist is pretty much the polar opposite of a libertarian. A libertarian is pretty much the polar opposite of a socialist.  And there’s at least one major difference between the two, aside from ideology: libertarians are, by and large, not drooling idiots.

So good luck with that, Bernie.