My RedState piece on Bernie Sanders giving up on Missouri.

Found here. Short version: Bernie Sanders didn’t even wait until the overseas absentee ballot deadline today*. I guess Bernie Sanders is comfortable with losing to Hillary Clinton?

Moe Lane

*Which is not to say that Ted Cruz won’t decide that a recount isn’t worth the expense and effort, either. But at least he’s apparently waiting to see what the vote difference is first…

My RedState post on the Missouri holdup.

Found here. Short version: both sides of the primary have .3% differences in the totals, which means that the absentee and the provisional and the overseas absentee (which aren’t even due until noon tomorrow) ballots all matter.  Maybe they’ll announce winners tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be Monday.  And then maybe there’s going to be recounts anyway.  Neither Cruz nor Sanders is going to officially say yea or nay on the subject until they get an accurate count of the difference.

My RedState post from today about lobbyists and sex in Missouri.

I’m going to start putting links to these the day after I post ’em on RS, the better to smooth out content, but this one about a bill requiring lobbyists to disclose when they’re having sex with politicians is too funny to miss.  For given values of ‘too funny:’ which is to say, highly esoteric ones. Not that the bill will ever pass, of course. Lobbyists, remember?

Democratic AG Chris Koster stabs Barack Obama in the back over coal.


Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster says he will join more than a dozen other states in suing the Environmental Protection Agency to block rules meant to rein in climate change-causing carbon emissions.

Sure, they get around to mentioning Koster’s Democratic status in paragraph 2 – for people following at home – but there was a passage later that really made me grin: “The Democratic attorney general from another state where coal plays a big role, Kentucky, is also part of the legal efforts aimed at the EPA rule.” That would be Jack Conway, who is absolutely desperate to not have his name associated on the national level with fighting the EPA.  After all: national Democrats hate coal now. They’re not going to be happy with a governor of any state that doesn’t toe that particular line. Continue reading Democratic AG Chris Koster stabs Barack Obama in the back over coal.

Will Claire McCaskill run for Missouri-GOV?

We’re about to find out, apparently.  Also, whether Claire McCaskill will be resigning from the Senate in order to run for Governor: she does not strictly have to, mind you. And, honestly, you know that my reflexive response on this would be Dang straight McCaskill should resign, and Jay Nixon should schedule a special election on the spot. Which Jay Nixon would not: even assuming that McCaskill resigned Jay Nixon would be only be obligated to schedule an election in 2016 for a two-year term.

Although it’d be funny if the Missouri state legislature suddenly decided to require both a resign-to-run law, and a special-election one.  I think that they have enough to overturn a veto…

Tweet of the Day, This Rumor About McCaskill Would Make Me So Happy edition.

Well now.

Dear Lord:

You gave me a wonderful present yesterday, and I am truly grateful for it. And I have no desire to appear greedy. But if You could see Yourself clear to convincing Barack Obama to make Claire McCaskill the next Attorney General, that would be wonderful.


Moe Lane

Missouri legislature passes tax cut over Jay Nixon’s (D) veto.

Jay Nixon’s petulant veto.

The new law is designed to gradually reduce Missouri’s top individual income tax rate — currently charged on all income over $9,000 — from 6 percent to 5.5 percent. It also phases in a new 25 percent deduction for business income reported on personal tax returns. Each incremental cut would occur only if state revenues grow by at least $150 million over their high mark from the previous three years.

Jay Nixon’s hysterical, screaming veto.

Economists at the University of Missouri-Columbia have estimated that the tax cut will eventually reduce state revenues by $620 million annually. But Nixon asserted it could punch a $4.8 billion annual hole in the state budget. He contends the bill’s wording could be interpreted to eliminate taxes on all income over $9,000, though Republican legislative leaders have called that “absurd.”

If you’ve ever wondered what a politician looks like when the legislative equivalent of a heroin withdrawal program is implemented, take a good gander at Governor Nixon over there.  He’s been chasing that particular dragon for quite a while, it looks like – and it looks like ol’ Jay thinks that Daddy still needs his fiscal medicine. [sigh]  Don’t do taxes, kids.  Sure, it’s a great high, but you end up needing more and more to get the same effect, and it’s never as good as the first time…

Moe Lane

@instapundit wins campaign to honor Robert Anson Heinlein.

Not that Glenn’s role in all of this will ever really be publicly noted.

A physician credited as the father of osteopathic medicine and a noted science fiction writer have been selection for induction into the state Capitol’s Hall of Famous Missourians. Joining them as the newest inductees are a suffragist and the catalyst of a citizens initiative that limited state revenues and local taxes.

The hall is a collection of bronze busts that generally has honored people chosen by the House speaker. However, half the new honorees this time were selected through a public nomination and voting process. The four inductees were identified to The Associated Press by House Speaker Tim Jones before the public announcement.

Winning the vote was physician Andrew Taylor Still and science fiction author Robert Heinlein.

To be fair, it’s often hard to assess how well an online campaign actually does. Still: well done, Glenn.

Via, obviously, Instapundit.