Democratic AG Chris Koster stabs Barack Obama in the back over coal.


Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster says he will join more than a dozen other states in suing the Environmental Protection Agency to block rules meant to rein in climate change-causing carbon emissions.

Sure, they get around to mentioning Koster’s Democratic status in paragraph 2 – for people following at home – but there was a passage later that really made me grin: “The Democratic attorney general from another state where coal plays a big role, Kentucky, is also part of the legal efforts aimed at the EPA rule.” That would be Jack Conway, who is absolutely desperate to not have his name associated on the national level with fighting the EPA.  After all: national Democrats hate coal now. They’re not going to be happy with a governor of any state that doesn’t toe that particular line.

But, moving on to Chris Koster: you could almost feel sorry for the man – he’s stuck in a party that keeps pandering to ever-more-narrowly parochial, regional prejudices – except that the odds of him actually standing up to his party are nil. ‘Centrist’ (snort!) or ‘conservative’ (HA!) Democrats are big talkers about being that way… until they get elected. Then all of a sudden they discover really good reasons to betray the voters that put them in office, in favor of the progressive Democratic leadership that controls all that access to campaign funding and largess. That is the way of it, and there is no reason to pretend otherwise.

Still, the fact that Koster feels the need to lie about his coal stance in Missouri may give you an idea about just how unpopular the EPA is getting in this country, or at least how unpopular the EPA is outside a narrow band of urbanization along the eastern and western coastlines.

Moe Lane

PS: If I thought that Chris Koster meant it, I wouldn’t have written this post.

6 thoughts on “Democratic AG Chris Koster stabs Barack Obama in the back over coal.”

  1. Aren’t unions still a big part of the Dem’s base? Because I really wonder why the United Mine Workers of America isn’t making more of a stink about this whole thing.


    How are they not riled up about how the Gaia worshiping neo-Luddites have taken over their party? I’m just asking questions here, you understand…

    1. How much dues can the UMWA deliver, compared to the civil service unions? I think I heard that the EPA can supply 90,000 jobs by wrecking the environment, and then pretending to fix it. How many work in coal mines in these days of mechanization?
      BLS says only 84,000.
      The political support for the EPA is as Moe says. Those voters don’t appear to care at all about environmental conditions in flyover country.

    2. How are they not riled up about how the Gaia worshiping neo-Luddites have taken over their party?
      They’re unions. No matter how much of a whipping they get, they’ll still lick their master’s hand.

    3. As I noted on another thread: The weaker unions get, the less the full-moonbat Progressives have to pander to them. Progressive seem eager to abandon their last remotely “pro-American” constituency.

  2. I believe Conway is running for governor. Jefferson county (louisville) and Frankfurt/Lexington probably Isn’t enough to win the state I think.

  3. Every year in Alabama , about 50 people die in house fires caused by wood stoves and space heaters , trying to stay warm because they cannot afford safer electric heat . All of them are poor and most of them are black folks . Let the enviros fit that into their War on Coal narrative, MB ‘collateral damage “

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