Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane (D) claims that a conspiracy is behind her recent indictments.

Alternate title: Kathleen crazies a Kane.

That was a fascinating press conference that embattled Democratic Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane had there, yesterday.

You see, everybody who showed up for this press conference thought, rather naively, that AG Kane would be addressing her being charged with “conspiracy, obstruction, oppression, perjury and false swearing” with regard to her involvement in the leak of a 2009 AG probe of a Philadelphia NAACP official. Instead, she decided to make a no-questions-taken, thirteen minute statement where a sitting state Attorney General repeatedly insisted that all of the allegations were due to a conspiracy against her designed to keep AG Kane from ferreting out the truth behind a nefarious, wicked, and NSFW email chain cabal. She then politely begged her children to stand by her and left the room without taking a question.


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Office of the Attorney General’s internal memo: Enough with the hookers, guys.

…I got nothing, sorry. Except to note that the bolding is mine.

The Department of Justice is measured by the conduct of those who work on its behalf. The solicitation of prostitution threatens the core mission of the Department, not simply because it invites extortion, blackmail, and leaks of sensitive or classified information, but also because it undermines the Department’s efforts to eradicate the scourge of human trafficking. Regardless of whether prostitution is legal or tolerated in a particular jurisdiction, soliciting prostitutes creates a greater demand for human trafficking victims and a consequent increase in the number of minor and adult persons trafficked into commercial sex slavery.

For these reasons, I want to reiterate to all Department. personnel, including attorneys and law enforcement officers, that they are prohibited from soliciting, procuring, or accepting commercial sex. This rule applies at all times during an individual’ s employment, including while off duty or on personal leave, and applies regardless of whether the activity is legal or tolerated in a particular jurisdiction, foreign or domestic.

Tweet of the Day, This Rumor About McCaskill Would Make Me So Happy edition.

Well now.

Dear Lord:

You gave me a wonderful present yesterday, and I am truly grateful for it. And I have no desire to appear greedy. But if You could see Yourself clear to convincing Barack Obama to make Claire McCaskill the next Attorney General, that would be wonderful.


Moe Lane

Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane’s (D) on-again, off-again blame-the-victim tactics in rape lawsuit.


Here are the facts, which are not in dispute: in 2013 a woman employed as a typist at Pennsylvania’s Rockview State Prison was brutally raped by Omar Best, a man with a long and vicious history of previous violent assault and rape convictions. After Best’s conviction – he’s serving a life sentence for this, because apparently we just can’t hang serial rapists anymore and then go home to our dinners – the victim proceeded to sue everyone involved, both individually and collectively. There’s considerable evidence that PA’s Department of Corrections, both individually and collectively, put the victim at extreme risks, over her explicit objections; so you’d think that the state would settle, right?

Well… turns out that the Attorney General’s office is an elected position, and the Democrat who runs it – Kathleen Kane – runs an interesting kind of shop out there. Oh, and before we go any further: I’m telling you that Kane is a Democrat because, apparently, nobody else will.  Anyway, on Tuesday it came out that the AG’s office decided to base its defense of the DoC on the novel strategy of blaming the victim for getting raped: Continue reading Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane’s (D) on-again, off-again blame-the-victim tactics in rape lawsuit.

Eric Holder to be pardoned later this year?

Well, that’s the report:

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will step down this year, he said in an interview with the New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin in the magazine’s Feb. 17 edition.

In a feature article, Mr. Holder said he plans on staying in his position “well into” the year.

Yeah, I probably wouldn’t want to be a Democratic executive branch official right now, either. More accurately: I wouldn’t want to be a Democratic executive branch official next year. Senate investigating committees traditionally have very little in the way of senses of humor when it comes to incompetent bureaucrats getting our law enforcement personnel killed; and it’s highly likely that the next Senate Majority Leader will find it, ah, convenient to revive that particular tradition.  Best to bail now.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Yeah, I figure that Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett are both on the Presidential pardon short list.  I also figure that it’s a short list, mostly because I don’t really think that Barack Obama really ‘gets’ this entire loyalty thing…

Attorney General Douglas Gansler (D) running for Brovenor* of Maryland.

You know it’s going to be good when an article about a Democratic candidate for governor starts with this paragraph:

Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler said Thursday that showing up at a “beach week” party of teenagers and not investigating whether there was underage drinking was “a mistake that I made.”

No kidding there, Sparky.  Particularly since there’s a picture of him attentively watching a girl twerk – or was it a bump-and-grind? – on some bro wearing what I hope to God are shorts with an American flag pattern**. Wait wait wait… there’s a freaking picture of Attorney General Gansler taking pictures of the Twerker and the Bro. Continue reading Attorney General Douglas Gansler (D) running for Brovenor* of Maryland.

RedState Gathering – Ted Cruz.

This interview is from last week’s RedState gathering. Ted Cruz is the guy running for Texas Attorney General – and as you can see, he’s pretty serious about this race. He’s also pretty serious about using the new social media to get his message out:

I think that I have maybe one more of these interviews left: you should check out Dave_in_Fla’s blog at RedState for the speeches themselves, as he was kind enough to do a proper taping of Saturday – and without us asking. We’re lucky in our readers over there.

Moe Lane

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