RRH Elections’ strategic voting guide for Pennsylvania.

Found here. Pennsylvania tomorrow is going to be a godawful mess in terms of figuring out who got what in terms of delegates; the majority of delegates are running as technical independents in individual CDs, unbound to any delegate.  A lot of ’em are running on the principle of ‘whoever wins statewide/my district,’ which would be laudable any other election cycle and I’m personally not thrilled that it’s not really laudable now. This is a grim slog that we’re on, and it’s going to go on for the next month.

Anyway, if you’re a PA voter the link will lead you to a breakdown by CD of delegate candidates, and how they plan to vote at the convention. Choose accordingly. And don’t skip the delegate section entirely.  It’s important.

There’s supposed to be a Kathleen Kane press conference on now.

1:30 PM.  Is anybody covering it?  – Because it should be epic.

SCRANTON — Pennsylvania’s embattled attorney general summoned reporters to Scranton for an announcement about the future of her office on Tuesday, hours before a deadline to submit signatures to make the primary ballot.


[UPDATE: Annnnnnd she’s out. Kathleen Kane will not run for re-election.]

Democrats inexplicably spurn Republican lifeline in Pennsylvania.

Awwww, shucks.

An effort by Senate Republicans to oust embattled Attorney General Kathleen Kane [DEMOCRAT] through a little-used provision of the state Constitution fell short this afternoon, with supporters of removal winning a majority of senators but not the two-thirds needed.


Ms. Kane, who has been charged with perjury and other crimes, faces a second legislative initiative on the question of removing her from office. As the Senate debated this afternoon, the House by a vote of 170-12 adopted a resolution authorizing a committee to investigate her conduct and determine if she “is liable to impeachment.”

Oh, man, it’s a real shame that we can’t immediately have this woman removed from office before the April 26th primary in Pennsylvania. Nope. Can’t do it, more’s the pity. Guess we’re going to have to wait until the middle of election season before the actual impeachment. Golly gee, isn’t that just awful?

Moe Lane

PS: Sarcasm?  Moi?

Pennsylvania Supreme Court strips away State AG Kathleen Kane’s law license.

Can a state Attorney General even do her JOB if her law license is suspended?  I suppose that there’s some way to do it – it’s an elected office, in Kathleen Kane’s case – but as a practical matter it seems a bit, well, odd to contemplate. Guess we’re about to find out: “The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has suspended the law license of the Democratic state attorney general Kathleen Kane, who is currently faces eight criminal charges and could see another felony tacked on shortly.”

AG Kane, by the way, refuses to resign and is insisting that she’ll be running for re-election next year. This would be great news, except that the odds of her surviving the Democratic primary at this point are nil. Of course, her antics will still be great for crushing the dreams of the eventual Democratic nominee anyway, so it’s a glass half-full, glass half-empty kind of situation, really.

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Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane (D) claims that a conspiracy is behind her recent indictments.

Alternate title: Kathleen crazies a Kane.

That was a fascinating press conference that embattled Democratic Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane had there, yesterday.

You see, everybody who showed up for this press conference thought, rather naively, that AG Kane would be addressing her being charged with “conspiracy, obstruction, oppression, perjury and false swearing” with regard to her involvement in the leak of a 2009 AG probe of a Philadelphia NAACP official. Instead, she decided to make a no-questions-taken, thirteen minute statement where a sitting state Attorney General repeatedly insisted that all of the allegations were due to a conspiracy against her designed to keep AG Kane from ferreting out the truth behind a nefarious, wicked, and NSFW email chain cabal. She then politely begged her children to stand by her and left the room without taking a question.


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Rep. Chaka Fattah (D, PA-02) indicted for all SORTS of political corruption, really.


Oh, dear.


…[Five people were] charged today in a 29-count indictment with participating in a racketeering conspiracy and other crimes, including bribery; conspiracy to commit mail, wire and honest services fraud; and multiple counts of mail fraud, falsification of records, bank fraud, making false statements to a financial institution and money laundering, the U.S. Attorney said.

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Pennsylvania Democrats: finally found an alternative to Sestak in PA-SEN primary.

Man, the Democrats REALLY don’t want Joe Sestak to run for Senate again, huh?

Pennsylvania Democrat Katie McGinty will resign her position as chief of staff to Gov. Tom Wolf on Thursday in preparation to run for the United States Senate, two sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell National Journal.


McGinty’s entrance would be a major victory for Democrats in Washington, who have scoured Pennsylvania looking for a top-tier candidate in what should be a politically-crucial Senate battleground in 2016. Party leaders are wary about the only Democrat in the race, former Rep. Joe Sestak, concerned that his unwillingness to listen to strategic advice could cost them a winnable race against the well-entrenched Toomey.

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Democratic disarray in Pennsylvania.

Well, news like this always makes me perk up my ears: “With the exception of two county officials on either side of the state — Montgomery’s Commissioners Chairman Josh Shapiro, Allegheny’s Chief Executive Rich Fitzgerald — the Democrats’ statewide bench [in Pennsylvania] is weak, and so is their morale.” Salena Zito finds four factors: the Congressional delegations and state legislature both currently favor Republicans, rather significantly; state Treasurer Rob McCord had to resign in disgrace, and AG Kathleen Kane really should have; the governor and the head of the PA Democratic party both hate each other; and apparently nobody in the party likes Joe Sestak, which is awkward because he’s probably going to be their nominee in next year’s Senate race.  What makes this all very fascinating is that, in all probability, nobody in the Democratic party’s going to really do anything about this until next year. Continue reading Democratic disarray in Pennsylvania.