Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane (D) claims that a conspiracy is behind her recent indictments.

Alternate title: Kathleen crazies a Kane.

That was a fascinating press conference that embattled Democratic Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane had there, yesterday.

You see, everybody who showed up for this press conference thought, rather naively, that AG Kane would be addressing her being charged with “conspiracy, obstruction, oppression, perjury and false swearing” with regard to her involvement in the leak of a 2009 AG probe of a Philadelphia NAACP official. Instead, she decided to make a no-questions-taken, thirteen minute statement where a sitting state Attorney General repeatedly insisted that all of the allegations were due to a conspiracy against her designed to keep AG Kane from ferreting out the truth behind a nefarious, wicked, and NSFW email chain cabal. She then politely begged her children to stand by her and left the room without taking a question.


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Well, they indicted Bob Menendez.

He’s gonna go down swinging, at least:

“I am outraged that prosecutors at the Justice Department were tricked into starting this investigation three years ago with false allegations by those who have a political motive to silence me,” Menendez said. “I will not be silenced. I’m confident at the end of the day I will be vindicated and they will be exposed.”

Personally, I totally believe that he’s corrupt, but I’ll be blessed if Bob Menendez isn’t going to give me some prime copy before it’s all over.  Which is… nice of him, given how often I’ve criticized the Senator.  The funny bit? – The Democrats won’t likely try to force him out.  Why? Because Chris Christie wants to be President, and Chris Christie knows that replacing Menendez with another Democrat would likely scupper the deal right there with the national party.

:shrug: Right thing, for the wrong reasons. I’ll take it.

Moe Lane

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D) *may* be indicted soon.

To be fair: it hasn’t actually happened yet. And an indictment isn’t a conviction. Still… oopsie?

The special prosecutor and grand jury investigating allegations that Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane leaked secret information to a newspaper have found evidence of wrongdoing and recommended that she be criminally charged, according to numerous people familiar with the decision. […] The panel concluded that Kane violated grand-jury secrecy rules by leaking investigative material in a bid to embarrass political enemies, sources said.

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