Rep. Chaka Fattah (D, PA-02) indicted for all SORTS of political corruption, really.


Oh, dear.


…[Five people were] charged today in a 29-count indictment with participating in a racketeering conspiracy and other crimes, including bribery; conspiracy to commit mail, wire and honest services fraud; and multiple counts of mail fraud, falsification of records, bank fraud, making false statements to a financial institution and money laundering, the U.S. Attorney said.

Needless to say, the word ‘Democrat’ appears nowhere in that article (neither does it appear here). It’s still compelling reading: allegedly Chaka Fattah (who is a Democrat, by the way) used the time period between 2007 and 2011 to repeatedly enrich himself, family members, and select third parties at the expense of the public purse.  That this time period also dovetails neatly with Democratic control of Congress is absolutely no surprise to me, and should not be a surprise to anybody else.  You get the feeling that oversight wasn’t exactly Nancy Pelosi’s primary interest at that point.  Overlooking? Sure. Oversight? …Not so much.

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PS: PA-02 is… a D+39 district.  That’s… a lot more than even LA-02, which of course was Dollar Bill Jefferson’s* old district.  Flipping it in the special – assuming that Democrat Chaka Fattah resigns, of course – will be, ah, tricky. But you don’t win if you never try.

*”…in his freezer.”

10 thoughts on “Rep. Chaka Fattah (D, PA-02) indicted for all SORTS of political corruption, really.”

  1. Name that party? Well with a name like Chaka Fattah I’m going to go with Anti-Masonic.

  2. D+39? In most states that’s the cemeteries. Guess in PA it’s just thr brain-dead.

    1. Looking at old (2014 is now “old”) Cook numbers .. PA-02 is in the top ten Dem districts .. in the top three. Only Charlie Rangel (NY-13, D+42) and Jose Seranno (NY-15, D+43) are in more solidly Dem seats..
      New York has the most seats in the top ten, Illinois only has one – Danny Davis (IL-07, D+36) although I suspect Luis Gutierrez and IL-04 isn’t far off the list.
      Interesting to note the ratios .. the tenth most Dem district is Fredrica Wilson (FL-24, D+34) .. and the most Repub district is Mac Thornberry (TX-13, R+32) .. so, the GOP isn’t going nearly as far overboard stacking districts.
      Looking here, by the way:

  3. I think the best part of this story is that he’s being replaced by Mike Honda, who is currently under ethics investigation.

  4. The ABC article now mentions his affiliation in the first sentence, and the one in paragraph 3. Guess they got complaints.

  5. BTW, he was riding on Air Force One only two weeks ago, and got his picture taken with Valerie Jarrett. Don’t Obama’s people screen anybody?

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