I am, by the way, not being affected by the local flooding.

Although, the way things are going, I’m starting to wonder if my wife’s camping trip this weekend is going to be functional.  It’s been raining a lot around here.  And we’re not going to see the sun until maybe Tuesday.

Still, at least I’m not in Ellicott City. They’re losing pieces of the road over there. Here it’s just the occasional driving rainstorm.

My strategic voting in Maryland.

I used this guide: John Kasich is in second place in Maryland, which clarified matters somewhat. Kasich canceling two public events in Indiana today clarified them still more. Besides, if I’m telling people to suck it up and vote strategically, well, do as I say AND as I do.

Also: if you live in Pennsylvania, this is your delegate guide.

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, I know: I was arguing voting straight Cruz as recently as last week. Circumstances changed. And those vegetables aren’t going to eat themselves.

Busy morning.

One filled with the minutiae of the Maryland delegate selection process. Not that I, or for that matter the Maryland State Board of Elections, ever really expected that stuff like this could matter – but hoo, boy, does it ever matter this year. This is the year where all the fiddly bits matter, folks. It’d be downright fun, except for that entire Good vs. Evil thing we’ve got going on in the Republican primary right now…

Larry Hogan is cancer-free!

Excellent news! “Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced Monday that medical scans show no sign of the cancer he was diagnosed with five months ago, indicating that 18 weeks of intensive chemotherapy have put the disease into remission.” They’ll have to monitor him for the rest of his life, of course – but this is a good indication that that might be a good, long time.

Moe Lane

PS: Between this and the way that Gov. Hogan shut down the Baltimore riots in a day, it’s gonna be a hard time for a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Maryland in 2018.

Elijah Cummings contemplating running for US Senate in Maryland.

Well, I certainly hope that Elijah Cummings decides to run: “The 64-year-old Maryland Democrat is mulling whether to run for the Senate seat soon to be vacated by Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski who will not seek reelection in 2016 after nearly 30 years in office.” Then again, I’m more familiar with Maryland Democratic politics than other people are.  Or possibly just more cynical.

Here is the basic situation. There are nine Democrats in the Maryland Congressional delegation: two Senators, and seven representatives. Of those nine, seven are white people.  And you might be asking yourself, “Isn’t that a little weird?” After all, in 2012 Obama lost the white vote in Maryland, and got pretty much all of the black vote; which implies that the Democratic party in Maryland is going to about… well, based on my back-of-the-envelope (literally!) scribblings; about half black, half white. So why is it that African Americans are so under-represented in the Democratic party’s Maryland Congressional delegation? Continue reading Elijah Cummings contemplating running for US Senate in Maryland.

Interesting: Rep Elijah Cummings may be positioning himself for Maryland Senate run.

This man used to be my Congressman, and about the best I can say for Rep. Cummings is that he’s not the absolute worst Democratic politician in Maryland.  I don’t even really despise him; I’m just kind of contemptuous of the way that Cummings has done precisely zero beyond get himself nicely situated in the machine. It was a happy day when that racist redistricting plan the Maryland legislature shoved through shoved me into some other Democrat’s bailiwick; it meant that I could stop caring about Elijah Cummings directly, as it were. Continue reading Interesting: Rep Elijah Cummings may be positioning himself for Maryland Senate run.

John K. Delaney (D, Maryland-06) reeks of fear for the 2016 election.

He came really close to losing in 2014, and I guess John Delaney is kind of worried about 2016. Which makes sense: he should be.  Time to start pretending to be reasonable:

With Washington already broken, the last thing we need is a left-wing version of the tea party[*]. But I am worried about where some of the loudest voices in the room could take the Democratic Party.

Rejecting a trade agreement with Asia, expanding entitlement programs that crowd out other priorities and a desire to relitigate the financial crisis are becoming dominant positions among Democrats. Although these subjects may make for good partisan talking points, they do not provide the building blocks for a positive and bold agenda to create jobs and improve the lives of Americans.

Continue reading John K. Delaney (D, Maryland-06) reeks of fear for the 2016 election.