Ah, the joys of video editing.

Trying to finish up some of the video that I shot at the RedState Gathering last week – it may be time to get a new camera, not to mention a better one. On the bright side, Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12 (the latest version is 13) is pretty handy to use and it’s not making my computer wheeze and overheat in the process, so I got that going for me.

Moe Lane

PS: I probably will not be putting those videos up here on this site. I’ve done it otherwise in the past, but for this stuff I think I’ll be keeping them strictly on RedState.

RedState Gathering Interview: Gov. Rick Perry (R, TX).

The below does not even remotely represent the amount of video that got shot at this year’s RedState Gathering: in fact, it does not even remotely represent the amount of video that RedState shot at this year’s Gathering, or the amount of video shot of Governor Rick Perry. But the Governor had some time to talk with me on some of the issues involving Texas lately, and I was happy to talk with him:

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RedState Gathering: Gov. Rick Scott, Speaker-Designate Will Weatherford.

Two more RedState Gathering videos for the night: the first is Governor Rick Scott, who was of course our host for the weekend…

…and the second is of Speaker-Designate Will Weatherford, who is poised to be the next Speaker of the House in the Florida legislature.


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RedState Gathering: Gov. Bobby Jindal (R, LA).

We’re always happy to hear from Gov. Bobby Jindal, and after the speech that he gave last Saturday* (as I noted at the time, you could see the crowd collectively thinking Why, Bobby here would make a perfectly good Vice President) he took a few moments to talk to me about… you know.  Stuff**.

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RedState Gathering: Reince Priebus, Sharon Day.

A couple of videos, bundled together: we had both RNC Co-chair Sharon Day and RNC Chair Reince Priebus speaking at the RedState Gathering.  Both took a moment to speak to me later:

Sharon Day

Reince Priebus

By the way: I am not claiming that Reince was energized enough by the RedState Gathering to go out the next day to the Sunday morning talk shows and Smite the foe.  But neither am I ruling it out, either.

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RedState Gathering: Rep. Sandy Adams (R CAND, FL-07 PRI)

There are going to be a bunch of Florida interviews this week; as noted before, Florida’s primary is going on even as we speak.  And one person I spoke to was Rep. Sandy Adams, who is now in a primary with Rep. John Mica; we touched base after her speech to talk a little about the Gathering, and whatnot.

Rep. Adams’ site is here.

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It’s July 14th. Where are the D candidates for LA-GOV?

Aside from Ms. Tara Hollis, of course – note that I’m not going to make fun of her for running.  I could, but there’s something endearing about meeting a Democrat who actually still believes that her party is really committed to democracy and egalitarianism and anything else besides the creation and perpetuation of a paternalistic nanny-state run by people who think that they’re too smart to work for a living.  Besides, Hollis will have that presumption beaten out of her soon enough by her fellow-Democrats; there’s no need for me to get involved even if I wanted to.

Anyway.  It’s the middle of July; the deadline for declaring is in less than two months; and there ain’t nobody else stepping up to the plate. What gives?

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Bobby Jindal for Governor, of course.  And he should come to the RedState Gathering, too.